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Andrew Kunz
Red Stream is by far the best site to order from. Expecting maybe 1-2 weeks delivery time, it came in 3 business days! This was my first time purchasing from Red Stream and I was pleasantly surprised at how great its service was. Metalheads, look no further!
Paul Hardy
To the crew at REDSTREAM,
First I have to applaude you guys with having such an awesome set-up for your website. The site is so easy to navigate through. All of the reviews that are linked to each product is pretty much dead on each and every time. I have spent hundreds of dollars with you and I have to say that the service is totally top-notch!!! As far as the selection of cd's, I can't say nothing but -fucking incredible!!! I've been into all types of metal since the early 80's and my taste have changed and grown. Through your site I have discovered so many other bands that I probably would not have noticed before. I thought I had a pretty good collection (3,000+cd's) but it seems I will never and could never have everything thats out there. For awhile I thought the scene was dying. But it comes to light it's just in the area where I live that its barely alive. I am in a suburb of Chicago, so shows hit here once in awhile. I am 33 and alot of the guys that use to listen to the brutality have wimped out to all of the other shit on the radio. I stand strong and I don't see myself ever fading from the underground scene. Anyway, I just wanted to write you guys and let you know that the job you're doing is just incredible. The selection and the service just can't be beat. Thanks and I'm looking forward to doing future business.
Cesar Bays
Red Stream ed Genial Nunca me ha Fallado es Muy Serio
Red Stream is the best...period.
Keith A. Wilde
Wow... don't know where to begin with how good this experience was. First off, I thought it must have been a misprint that you had the ltd edition of darkseed - ultimate darkness, since no one on e-bay does, and since the german site that's linked to the band's official homepage has been sold out of it for months. Not only that, but vendors are selling used copies of the single cd version for more than redstream sold the ltd version for, before amazon's shipping even gets added on. I ordered that one and two others (the new solefald that even century media is out of right now, the new eternal album that their distributor is also out of, and of course which amazon sells for much more if they even have it). Not only did all of the items arrive in 3 business days, but the order was packed so well that it even allowed for the stupidity and laziness of my postman who crammed it in my mailbox instead of delivering it to my door. Well, metalheads are blessed to have you as a vendor redstream, and altough this was my first purchase from you, it definitely won't be my last!!! You're top drawer redstream, quality all the way. Until next time... keep it heavy.

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