These people are criminal scum and will be dealt with accordingly - when they least expect it:

Buyer's Name: Nancy Lee
Buyer's Email:
Transaction Date: Oct 27, 2007
Buyer's Transaction ID: 5W919621Y9588000C

Shipped to:

westley kallay
2682 sereno ave.
ventura, CA 93003
United States
(805) 320-0759

Here's a link and directions to: [the thieve's house], in case anyone would like to drop by.

Inv Name    : jose luis cardona
Inv Address : calle san mateo sector santa clara casa esq calle
Inv City    : cabimas
Inv State   : XX
Inv Pst Code: 04013
Inv Country : venezuela
Tel     : 00583716464 (Aliases: 0264-3714597, 0264-714597, 02643713164, 02643719764, 005802643716497, 026471313564, 02643715490, 0298549656, 05469696959, 0058-3265656, 005802643716497)
Email   : (Aliases:,,,,,,,,,,,,

This luser resolves to CANTV.Net, an ISP in Venezuela - but he'll be losing this account shortly. If you see this rip-off on your network, you can file a complaint with the info provided here: