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Bloodthorn leaves Red Stream, inc.
Bloodthorn will leave Red Stream, Inc. to pursue what more than likely will be a European-based company closer to the band's home base in Norway. All we can say is is this band is the greatest and deserves the absolute best! It was pure pleasure working with Bloodthorn for as long as we did. We stand proud behind the work we did with Bloodthorn and wish them only the best for their future en devours. They are a brutal warmachine that will never be stopped! Long live Bloodthorn!!!
Korovakill on Myspace
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Stahlmantel from the mind of Bethlehem
Check out BETHLEHEM's sick new creation STAHLMANTEL at:
Nortt-Graven CD
Red Stream will release Nortt-Graven CD after the acclaimed Ligfærd CD. For those that do not know, Nortt is funeral Doom-oriented Black Metal from Denmark.
ARKHON INFAUSTUS has finished the recording of the fourth album ARKHON INFAUSTUS -
ARKHON INFAUSTUS is now endorsed by Randall Amplifiers and Samson gears.
Raven's Bane - Sorrow Breeds CD 2007
Out soon from the morbid mind of DEMONCY member Ixithra!

The halls of your mind will lie grim with fortitude! Raven's Bane is a morbid consummation of dark rumbling and ritualistic metamorphosis!

Special limited run of 500 only!
Pure Undead Triumph of Evil
Coming soon--Two classic Red Stream shirt designs:

NECROPHAGIA- Pure Undead Horror (Evil Dead) T-shirt
Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

JUDAS ISCARIOT- Triumph of Evil T-shirt
Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.
New NOKTURNE pictures!
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Skepticism Tribute
A massive project on which we have been working for four years now is taking the final shapes. We have gathered 12 bands from all over the world. They recorded their own versions of some of SKEPTICISM songs, which we will release as a double CD set under the name of "Entering the Levitation: a Tribute to Skepticism". The whole album will be released together with two labels from USA , namely Red Stream and Oak Knoll. The official release date has been set to the 4th June 2007.
Here is the final tracklist:

1. NEST - The Gallant Crow (13:49)
3. SHAPE OF DESPAIR - Aether (8:46)
4. WHY ANGELS FALL - Shroud of Light, Pinch of Endless (9:14)
5. CORPUS OMNI DOMINI - The Rising of the Flames (9:53)
6. OKTOR - The Organium (7:30)

1. AARNI - Untitled (7:38)
2. MONOLITHE - Edges (6:44)
3. CALMSITE - Towards My End (5:01)
4. RIGOR SARDONICOUS - Chorale (7:08)
5. DARKFLIGHT - The Raven and the Backward Funeral (6:54)
6. IT WILL COME - The Falls (10.36)

Total running time: 100:49 mins.
NORTT - Ligfærd CD on Red Stream
Upcoming release on Red Stream: Nortt - "Ligfærd" CD.

Black Funeral Doom Metal.

Check out their website.
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