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Revenge - Infiltration.Downfall.Death CD out on RS in 2008
The new REVENGE album Infiltration.Downfall.Death is now complete and will contain the following attacks:
.Death Heritage ( Built Upon Sorrow)
.Blood Noose ( Hog-tied like Swine)
.Sterilization ( Procreation Denied)
.By Force (The Only Option )
.Barbed Anti ( No Remorse )
.Survival (The Absolute Truth)
.Final Doctrine ( Push Forward )
.Cleansing Siege (Take Them Down)
Finnish Nuclear Metal gods IMPALED NAZARENE
Finnish Nuclear Metal gods IMPALED NAZARENE strike back with their tenth and strongest offering to date: Manifest.

Manifest is scheduled to be released on Red Stream for North America in Januray of 2008!

Recorded and mixed at Sonic Pump studio by Tapio Pennanen (who worked with the band on the previous album Pro Patria Finlandia) and mastered at Finnvox studio by Mika Jussila, Manifest rages like a virgin under attack. Clocking at 50:28, Impaled Nazarene has not only done their longest album to date, it also easily their most diverse and dynamic record. From the old-school opening of The Antichrist Files, to the rocking punk mayhem of You Don´t Rock Hard, to the grand finale of Dead Return, Manifest is a album that shows no mercy. Signed originally (with their own blood, no less) with Osmose Productions in 1992, Manifest continues the strong relationship between the label and the band.

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Line up :

Arc Basstard - bass
Anttila - guitar
UG - lead guitar
Repe Misanthrope - drums
MikaakiM - vomit
Bethlehem CD 2008!
BETHLEHEM plans to record a CD next year entitled:
"Der Tod ist ein Meister aus Deutschland" which in English should be: "Death is a master from Germany". The possible line-up for this CD would be:

Herr Morbid / Forgotten Tomb / guitars, vox
Kvarforth / The Shining / vox
Théry Jonathan / Ataraxie / vox
Eckhardt / Bethlehem / guitars
Stevo / Bethlehem / drums
Bartsch / Bethlehem / bass.

More BETHLEHEM news as it becomes available!
New Urgrund website soon
New URGRUND website up soon

Back in stock now:

URGRUND-The Graven Sign CD
Disciples of Urgrund
URGRUND is recording their new album called "Disciples of Supremacy" and has tracks like "Raw to The Bone," "Sea Dogs" and "Shrapnel Rains." Expect an August 2007 release through BAPHOMET/Red Stream.
Tales From The Gorelord!
Gorelord is working on a new album called "Tales From the Grave." More information as it becomes available!
Drink & Party!
Svartpest has a second CD that will be released called "MJØDFEST" which means "Viking beer party."
Bloodthorn leaves Red Stream, inc.
Bloodthorn will leave Red Stream, Inc. to pursue what more than likely will be a European-based company closer to the band's home base in Norway. All we can say is is this band is the greatest and deserves the absolute best! It was pure pleasure working with Bloodthorn for as long as we did. We stand proud behind the work we did with Bloodthorn and wish them only the best for their future en devours. They are a brutal warmachine that will never be stopped! Long live Bloodthorn!!!
Korovakill on Myspace
Visit Korovakill on Myspace!
Stahlmantel from the mind of Bethlehem
Check out BETHLEHEM's sick new creation STAHLMANTEL at:
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