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Pure Undead Triumph of Evil
Coming soon--Two classic Red Stream shirt designs:

NECROPHAGIA- Pure Undead Horror (Evil Dead) T-shirt
Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

JUDAS ISCARIOT- Triumph of Evil T-shirt
Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.
New NOKTURNE pictures!
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Skepticism Tribute
A massive project on which we have been working for four years now is taking the final shapes. We have gathered 12 bands from all over the world. They recorded their own versions of some of SKEPTICISM songs, which we will release as a double CD set under the name of "Entering the Levitation: a Tribute to Skepticism". The whole album will be released together with two labels from USA , namely Red Stream and Oak Knoll. The official release date has been set to the 4th June 2007.
Here is the final tracklist:

1. NEST - The Gallant Crow (13:49)
3. SHAPE OF DESPAIR - Aether (8:46)
4. WHY ANGELS FALL - Shroud of Light, Pinch of Endless (9:14)
5. CORPUS OMNI DOMINI - The Rising of the Flames (9:53)
6. OKTOR - The Organium (7:30)

1. AARNI - Untitled (7:38)
2. MONOLITHE - Edges (6:44)
3. CALMSITE - Towards My End (5:01)
4. RIGOR SARDONICOUS - Chorale (7:08)
5. DARKFLIGHT - The Raven and the Backward Funeral (6:54)
6. IT WILL COME - The Falls (10.36)

Total running time: 100:49 mins.
NORTT - Ligfærd CD on Red Stream
Upcoming release on Red Stream: Nortt - "Ligfærd" CD.

Black Funeral Doom Metal.

Check out their website.
Judas, Bethlehem, Necrophagia shirts
Back in very soon:

Judas Iscariot-Heaven In Flames T-shirt
Bethlehem-S.U.i.Z.i.D. T-shirt
Necrophagia-Deep Inside... T-shirt
in sizes: X-Large, Large, Medium, Small.
These are the only sizes and designs that are available very soon, but look for more offerings in the near future!!!
Mirrorthrone: mixes it up
Mirrorthrone will start to mix their (already recorded) third CD in the next coming months of Fall/Winter.
out on Friday - Styggelse mini CD!
Styggelse-debut mCD.

Filthy Black Metal of Sweden.

Out this Friday, 10/06/06!
Styggelse: Filthy Black Metal of Sweden
Styggelse-"Bland ändlösa fält av snusk och hor" ("among endless fields of filth and adultery") mCD Filthy Black Metal of Sweden!
Out soon through BAPHOMET RECORDS.
Dark Faith Summer Tour 2006
Dark Faith Summer Tour 2006:

June 29th, Tampa, FL: The Brass Mug
June 30th, Gainesville, FL: Eddie C's
July 1st, Richmond, VA: The Nanci Raygun
July 2nd, Philidelphia, PA: The Boiler Room (all ages show)
July 4th, Manor, PA: American Legion Hall (all ages show)
July 5th, Cleveland, OH: Pat's in the Flats
July 7th, Cincinatti, OH: Sudsys Malones
July 8th, Detroit, MI: I-Rock Nightclub
July 11th, Madisonville, KY: Blairs Little House Of Music & More
July 12th, Chicago, IL: tba
July 13th, Rockford, IL: Stash O'Malley's/Hard Times
July 14th, Herrin, IL: Herrin Teen Town
July 15th, Springfield, MO: The Blue Room
July 16th, Joplin, MO: Cesspoll Castle (House show)
July 18th, Fayetteville, AK: The Gypsy
July 19th, Houston, TX: Walter's on Washington
July 20th, Alice, TX: Downtown Riot
July 21st, Harlingen, TX: Smiley's Ballroom
July 22nd, San Antonio, TX: TBA
July 23rd, Dallas, TX: The Tac Room
July 26th, Baton Rogue, LA: the Darkroom
July 27th, Lafayette, LA: Club Sin
July 28th, Atlanta, GA: Deathgasm Records/Swayzees
July 29th, Orlando, FL: the Haven
July 30th, Ft.Pierce, FL: The Boozegois Saloon (21 and up show)
SEAR BLISS to play PAGAN NIGHTS forest festival!
German heathen metallers WOLFCHANT, METALMESSAGE & HAUDEGEN EVENTS arrange an Open Air Festival in Ringelai for all true followers of Pagan & Folk Metal; SEAR BLISS will play there also. As a little, but fine event conceived, „PAGAN NIGHTS“ should establish itself as a heathenish oriented festival in the green heart of the beautiful Bavarian forest. Appointment is the 10th of June, 2006.
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