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Nokturne Biography
Nokturne summon barbaric, cruel imperator, fierce, grim, cast iron fasces black metal havoc with out mercy! The obscure legendary triumphant war ensemble was formed in late 1995 by founder guitarist Kaiser Drakon, aka (Funeral).
Nokturne commence building their torch lit empire projecting and reconstructing their secret order built by strength, hate and fury preserved will. Nokturne original line-up: Kaiser Drakon- Guitars, Lord Doom- Wardrums, Necrovomitus- Bass.
Skepticism funeralizes Brutal Assault Fest!!!!!!!
Skepticism crushed at Czech Republic's BRUTAL ASSAULT FEST. It was really amazing and great experience for the band! They played right after Immortal, Walls of Jericho and Marduk. Their playing time started a bit after midnight. There were thousands of people watching this Skepticism show.
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Forest of Impaled and Bloodthorn's first CDs
Both FOREST OF IMPALED's "Demonvoid" and BLOODTHORN's "Under the Reign of Terror" debut CDs for Red Stream have been re-printed in very small quantities after a long period of being out of stock.
Bethlehem's web shop opens!
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Skepticism's Brutal Assault!
SKEPTICISM will play once again in Czech Republic in Brutal Assault
festival on August 2009. There are
rather big bands playing with them butthe organizer still promised an evening
time slot for them!
Necrophagia-Death is Fun & Judas Iscariot-Dethroned
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NECROPHAGIA-Death is Fun limited digipak CD
JUDAS ISCARIOT-Dethroned, Conquered & Forgotten MCD!!
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SKEPTICISM-Finnish tour with ESOTERIC 2009
Skepticism will return to Finnish live venues. A mini-tour with
Esoteric (UK) has been now confirmed. Tour is presented by WCH

Gig info:
Fri, 20th Feb 2009, Lutakko - Jyvaskyla
Sat, 21st Feb 2009, Dante's Highligh - Helsinki
Sun, 22nd Feb 2009, Klubi - Turku
SKEPTICISM - Alloy CD out October 20th, 2008!
"Alloy" CD
out October 20th, 2008

To pre-order “Alloy” for $2 lessthan the normal price then please pre-order under the pre-order link , before October 20th.

Finnish veterans of Funeral Doom Metal Skepticism release their new album entitled "Alloy" on October 20th 2008 through U.S. company Red Stream. ”Alloy” is the fourth full length endeavor by the band following the prior album “Farmakon” released in 2003. On "Alloy" Skepticism further refines their signature sound relying on an unchanged line-up and instrumentation as on previous albums. Stylistically "Alloy" is a part of the same continuum with its predecessors with all elements pushed further. According to Red Stream: "For Skepticism freaks familiar with the earlier albums 'Alloy' will sound familiar and new at the same time. 'Alloy' is crushing, monumental yet beautiful: Skepticism."

Alloy track list:
1. The Arrival
2. March October
3. Antimony
4. The Curtain
5. Pendulum
6. Oars in the Dusk

With the release of Alloy Skepticism will appear live on the Exorcising the Funereal tour with Pantheist and OPHIS. For information and dates visit
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