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Graveland - Prawo Stali CD - preorder soon
Graveland - Prawo Stali CD Coming soon!
Digipack Limited Edition.
Released by Warheart Records. Distributed in America by Red Stream.
New mix and mastering 2011. 2 bonus tracks.
A3 format Poster (first 100 Copies with Rob Darken autograph).
The first Polish edition of Prawo Stali in over ten years !
Graveland's most powerful sounding record ever released thanks to new mix and mastering.
The CD includes two additional recordings.
The release is beautifully packed in a digipack,
with a brand new graphic design in A3 poster format.
The CD liner notes include extensive commentary by Rob Darken describing the history of the band and more...
Bethlehem - Live in Speyer
Bethlehem live in Germany 9/10/11
BETHLEHEM (D) (exclusive show!)
SETH (FR) (exclusive and unique show!)

Halle 101, Speyer Germany

Samstag / Saturday, September 10, 2011 - Doors 16:30

25 Euros (Presales)
Kartenbestellungen / ticket orders :

weitere Infos / more information:
Music from Nekromantik, Nekromantik 2, and Der Todesking
Nekronology by Hermann Kopp is re-released after 7 years in a lavish 6 panel digipak!! Nekronology is a compilation of mournful musical selections from director Jorg Buttgereit's infamous films, Nekromantik, Nekromantik 2, and Der Todesking. The tracks contained on this release were performed by artist Hermann Kopp. The idea behind the music was to create a dreary atmosphere through a raw, ritualistic sound. You can hear Kopp's signature violin groans, and moog snythesizer during scenes such as the bathtub suicide, the rabbit being skinned alive, and the necrophila sequences.
BLODFEST "Lejres Fald" CD
Denmark's BLODFEST release "Lejres Fald" CD through Red Stream in March 2011!!
Bethlehem - new T-shirt + mCD
Out now BETHLEHEM "Suicidial Dark Metal" T-shirt and out soon Bethlehem Stoenkfitzchen mCD!!!!!
Bethlehem - "S.U.i.Z.i.D." T-shirt & longsleeve 2010
Twill be a sick sick garment. Shirts and longsleeves will be made.

- The front artwork will be printed the way it was supposed to be, with a grey background, creating a clear clean print.

- The back "S.U.i.Z.i.D." print will be screened in blood red.
- The sleeves will now have each have Bethlehem + S.U.i.Z.i.D. Logos in red + white.

So await Bethlehem's next 'straight-jacket' version of a shirt... For the mentally tweaked only......

It will appear in sizes S through X-XL.
Himinbjorg re-releases
In celebration HIMINBJORG's new album " Chants d'hier..." (Songs of Yesterday, Songs of War, Songs of the Earth) Red Stream is re-releasing four Himinbjorg albums including, "Where Ravens Fly," "In the Ravens Shadow," "Haunted Shores" and "Third" all before the end of this year.
Abscess-Damned & Mummified CD re-released!!!
Fasten your straightjacket and let Abscess take you on a ride into their nightmarish world. Revel in unspeakable sounds from the depths of dementia. The masters of psychedeathic brutality have come to devour minds and crush souls.
NEW Bethlehem EP schedulded for 2010
We wanna inform you bout the momentary status:

-3 new songs already are recorded (guitars, bass & piano)
-the drums and vocals will be recorded in the next weeks
-these songs + a bonus track (a new mix of "the 11th hour..." sung by "Nihilist" from "In Memorium" - Seattle/USA) will be released as a MCD by Red Stream, Inc. - USA and as a 10" Maxi by Ostra Recs., France

the playlist:

1) Was ihr seid, das waren wir - was wir sind, das werdet ihr
(music by Bartsch 2009 - lyrics by Bartsch 2010)
2) Kalt regelt ab die Krankgeburt
(music by Jordan 2010 - lyrics by Bartsch 2010)
3) Kandierte Verlosung zu Ross
(music by Jordan/Eckhardt 2010 - lyrics by Bartsch 2010)
4) the 11th hour
(music by Bartsch/Eckhardt/Wolz 2004 - lyrics by Nihilist 2004)

the line-up:

Juergen Bartsch (Germany) - bass guitar, piano
Olaf Eckhardt (Germany) - guitars
Jonathan Théry (France) - vocals
Reuben Jordan (USA) - guitars
Marcus Losen (Germany) - drums

The whole MCD is self-produced and will be mixed and mastered at "alexanderwelt" by Bartsch/Eckhardt. Eckhardt who already created the Bethlehem logo, "Dark Metal" + "Dictius Te Necare" frontcover, the "Silencer - Death Pierce Me" logo and frontcover and a Bethlehem T-Shirt design, again will create the frontcover drawing for this MCD.

The music itself is transporting some real dark, sombre, cold and suicidal atmosphere combined with some refreshing aspects from the Jordan songs. Bartsch more was influenced by earlier Bethlehem works which resulted in real darkness and depression. The lyrics have a pretty intense aura of earlier albums like "Dictius Te Necare" or "S.U.i.Z.i.D." and be sure they are nuthing but KRANK. As some special guest the drums will be played by Losen of "Paragon Belial" exclusively for this release.

Bartsch & Eckhardt also already started writing new songs for a brandnew Bethlehem album which will be recorded in October 2010 and surely might become a surprise for all you suiciders out there. Five songs already are done, more will follow in the next time. We gonna keep you informed bout that...

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