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Call ov Unearthly out 1.28.13
Pre-order now on our webpage!!!
Blaze of Perdition / Graveland
Coming early 2013: Blaze Of Perdition - Towards the Blaze of Perdition CD - USA edition

Graveland - Pamiec i Przeznaczenie (Memory and Destiny) CD re-issue - Polish edition.
Ritual Combat re-release
Watch for Ritual Combat's re-release "Occultus Requiem" soon (previously on Hate War Productions and limited to 500).
Graveland-Creed of Iron T-shirt
Graveland-Creed of Iron T-shirt officially licensed t-shirts coming soon!
Graveland hats available
In Black and Grey! High quality!
SKEPTICISM-Stormcrowfleet shirts to appear!
SKEPTICISM-"Stormcrowfleet" shirts to appear later this month (Jan. 2012).... Watch for the pre-order link soon!
Winterblut "Grund: Gelenkkunst" CD
Red Stream is about to reissue the most underated Winterblut album "Grund: Gelenkkunst." Beside new layout this special edition double CD will include the obscure recording session from 2002 and re-recordings of the whole album done in 2011 containing an unreleased song from this time.
Pre-order GRAVELAND now
Graveland - Prawo Stali CD Coming soon! Shipped on 12.15.11 or sooner.
Digipack Limited Edition.
Released by Warheart Records. Distributed in America by Red Stream.
New mix and mastering 2011. 2 bonus tracks.
A3 format Poster (first 100 Copies with Rob Darken autograph).
The first Polish edition of Prawo Stali in over ten years !
Graveland's most powerful sounding record ever released thanks to new mix and mastering.
The CD includes two additional recordings.
The release is beautifully packed in a digipack,
with a brand new graphic design in A3 poster format.
The CD liner notes include extensive commentary by Rob Darken describing the history of the band and more...
Bethlehem Live Video & More
Skepticism and Pantheist live in St. Giles in the fields church. London, UK, JAN-28th, 2012. For early access to the limited tickets of this special event please visit
Skepticism in "Madrid is the Dark" festival in Spain and "Bracara Extreme Fest" in Portugal in early December (9th and 10th). Festival lineup consists of Enslaved, Katatonia, Napalm Death and many more.
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