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Out next on Red Stream is Hidden's debut, "Spectral Magnitude." It is a progressive and dismal astral Metal style locking in on Death, Doom, and Black Metal along with blasting speed styles. To be matched by a supercluster of scientific theory lyrics and artwork. The album's conception presents the projection of time as eternity in the cosmos. Space scenes & design by JP Fournier. Band information and origin withheld.
Abazagorath's first release since 1998's full length comes in the figure of "The Spirit of Hate for Mankind." This is the first collaboration between Blood Fire Death Records and Red Stream. Two tracks of sadistic Black Metal with influences from the earliest Swedish Death Metal scene (circa 91). Blood, Fire, Death Records:
The recent Demoncy double CD released on Baphomet suffered manufacturing errors. We would like to offer our condolences for a manufacturing mistake on the recent Demoncy double CD, released by Baphomet Records through Red Stream. The CD prints were intended to be dark red, but when the final product was received the manufactures did not mix the colors correctly and the CD prints turned to bright pink. My sincerest apologies to Ixithra and the Demoncy Kult and to all of you who have long anticipated this release.
These two bands are currently recording in a Norwegian studio for the Creature Feature series (Part 2), to be released Spring 2002 on Red Stream.
Hate Forest
This Ukrainian act will re-issue Scythia CD reissue in digipak with 1 bonus track on Noble Wolves Records.
Forest of Impaled
"Forward the Spears" sickened birth will eventually be delivered to us. This black/death style has evolved into a more unsettling and cruel mode (and, yes, more brutal than 99's Demonvoid!). This album is a like knife stabs to your face. The Chicago group contains only two original members, guitarists Adrian and Marek. These guys have taken the time to write attention-grabbing and inventive riffs. This modernly monstrous sound is complimented by the rest of the band (consisting of Duane Timlin on drums and Markus Kolar on bass). The album's vocalist will be shortly announced. FOI email:
Urgrund releases "The Graven Sign" under the Baphomet Records banner on March 22nd, 2002 . 9 tracks of barbaric Black Death Thrashing metal. This Australian group bombard with tunes dedicated to Heathenism, disastrous historic themes, war, destruction/evolution. Urgrund take the rawness and berserker rage to the next level without diminishing the 80's crunch. This release certainly has left the previous classic MCD "Drenched In Blood" in contrast. URGRUND WEBSITE:
Sear Bliss
Fear the Hungarian Hordes return! Sear Bliss are nearing completion on their next opus of blackened metal, to be unleashed later this year. A malevolent guitar tone riles in waves of caustic darkness, chewing at the light, and piercing through emotive layers of synth work. Without a doubt, this some of the finest material from these obscure metal veterans. This solemn Black Metal band has been rehearsing, releasing, promoting and touring since the nineties. They offer serious, refined, and mature Black Metal that needs to be pushed. Back in the shadows, the re-release of the "Grand Destiny" album is lurking here at the Stream. BAND EMAIL:
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