Red Stream News

An upcoming crude act on Blood Fire Death (manufactured by Red Stream) has created an album of suicidal grandeur in the slit veins of Manes, Abyssic Hate and Burzum. It shall be called "Nocturnal Poisoning" and will be released in the next few summer weeks.
Dark Fortress
Dark Fortress has entered Grieghallen studio (Burzum, etc) to record "Profane Genocidal Creations".
Sear Bliss
Sear Bliss has completely recorded and mastered Forsaken Symphony - their next opus for Red Stream. This raw CD is a dedication to all that is hateful yet triumphant within this band's form of Black Metal. Multitudes of trombones and tubas combine nicely with the obscure and cryptic Black Metal chaos. This is a milestone for this style.
Abazagorath-The Spirit of Hate For Mankind 7" EP out any day now!
Hate Forest
Hate Forest-Scythia CD (NWR 1) will be reissued in digipak with 1 bonus track on Noble Wolves Records (which is a label manufactured by Red Stream).
Blood Stained Dusk
Blood Stained Dusk's "Dirge of Death's Silence" will be re-released on Baphomet (through Red Stream) very shortly. The initial pressing of this Damned Black Metal record is totally sold out, so we decided to give the band another chance to reach the mountains of desecration.
Khisanth's "Forseen Storms of the Apocalypse" finally sees it's release through Baphomet (manufactured by Red Stream in this and other instances). Raw and vile Black Metal desecration for those that seek the truth.
Gorelord & Wurdulak
Gorelord/Wurdulak-Creature Feature Part 2 is totally recorded and soon ready for release on Red Stream. This time there are 2 exclusive tracks from each sick group. In addition, Red Stream will be manufacturing killer merchandise of both bands.
Necrophagia's Season of the Dead will be re-released on picture LP with a special Jenna Jameson design on the B side. This freeking classic album is also scheduled for a digibook and digipak re-release with complete re-mastering, for the future. Red Stream will continue the purity through war campaign with more Necrophagia merchandise soon, for instance, "Cannibal Holocaust" t-shirt. FOI email:
Forest of Impaled
Forest of Impaled's second album for Red Stream will be called "Forward the Spears" and will house the catalogue number RSR-0157. Completely recorded, and soon ready for impalement, Forward the Spears will decimate 99's Demonvoid in a could of dust!
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