Red Stream News

NOKTURNE put out their second CD through BAPHOMET. Sick and immoral Black Metal, including a Destruction cover. A number of you might recall this act from their World War III release a year or two ago.
HIDDEN have started work on their next record, which will be released under the BAPHOMET label.
BETHLEHEM suicide!
BETHLEHEM is finnishing up on "Suicide Radio" - an interactive CD-rom, which features the band's music, short movies/videos, pictures, links, hidden secrets and more. This is a first-rate, up to date presentation from this utterly distinctive band.
Blood, Fire.....KRIEG!
BLOOD FIRE DEATH is in heavy negotiaions with NARGAROTH for a possible live 7" EP. Speaking of live tours, KRIEG just completed a German stint that was a total victory with masses of people attending the shows, which typicaly finished in total fucking bedlam, of course!
THANATOS will discharge their "Beyond Terror" CD on BAPHOMET. THANATOS covers the past and present sound of Deathrash Metal, devoid of repetition.
NECROPHAGIA new tracks
NECROPHAGIA has recorded two select tracks for their upcoming DVD. These tracks, titled "To Sleep With The Dead" and "The Fog", will not appear anywhere else. RED STREAM and NECROPHAGIA have already solidified a strategy to start filming, which is actualy already in progress.
RAVENOUS - Meathook Three
The imminent RAVENOUS mini CD is now called THREE ON A MEETHOOK. This piece of death is on the threshold of release, in a morose looking digipack. RAVENOUS is back with four brand new tracks of gruesome, bloody digital shock! RAVENOUS consits of members of NECROPHAGIA, S.O.D., NUCLEAR ASSAULT, HEMLOCK, ABCESS, and AUTOPSY, in case you didn't know. This is a must have for those that miss or even overlooked the ill sound of AUTOPSY, who disbanded some years ago.
SEAR BLISS will tour Europe in October with Skyforger, Obtest, Bestial Mockery and Grief Of Emerald. Confirmed dates are:

18 October - Hagalaz Club, Elterlein (D)
19 October - Bitterfeld, Festung (D)
20 October - Arnhem, Goudvishal (NL)
25 October - Turku (FI) (only Skyforger, Sear Bliss, Obtest)
26 October - Turku (FI) (only Bestial Mockery, Grief of Emerald)
27 October - tba (FI)
28 October - Helsinki (FI)
Brown Eye / Satan's Bake Sale
The two mentioned acts have finished recording tracks for a split EP on Baphomet Records. Brown Eye includes Mayhem and Necrophagia members. One of their punk-influenced songs is about the famous Black Metal murder of the nineties. Satan's Bake Sale's material sounds like old moshcore mixed with whirlwind grind and a heavy emphasis on humor. This joke release will warm a spot in your blackened heart.
These sickos will unleash their cult-classic "Season of the Dead" on picture LP with Jenna Jameson photo this month!
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