Red Stream News

Necrophagia, European tour dates 2003
Sat 05.04.03 The Old Angel, Nottingham, UK.
Sun 06.04.03 Rio, Bradford, UK.
Mon 07.04.03 Strawberry Fields, Glasgow, UK.
Tue 08.04.03 Bierkeller, Manchester, UK.
Wed 09.04.03 Bierkeller, Bristol, UK.
Thu 10.04.03 The Underworld, London, UK.
Fri 11.04.03 Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium.
Sat 12.04.03 Bolwerk, Sneek, The Netherlands.
Sun 13.04.03 Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
Wed 16.04.03 Marx, Hamburg, Germany.
Thu 17.04.03 Stengade30, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Sat 19.04.03 Inferno Fest, Oslo, Norway.
Mon 21.04.03 K17, Berlin, Germany.
Tue 22.04.03 Nachtleben, Frankfurt, Germany.
Thu 24.04.03 Channel Zero, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Fri 25.04.03 Transilvia, Milan, Italy.
Sun 27.04.03 Alpheus, Rome, Italy.
Tue 29.04.03 K.G.B., Barcelona, Spain.
Wed 30.04.03 Republicca, Valencia, Spain.
Thu 01.05.03 Le Son, Coimbra, Portugal.
Sat 03.05.03 Tunk!, Ir?pain.
KRIEG in New Jersey!
KRIEG took care of Northern New Jersey on a past Saturday eve alongside BLACK WITCHERY, ALGOL & WOMB. The new KRIEG album is recorded and will again be issued by Red Stream in early 2003.
Blood Fire Death label news
Lugrubrum's "De Totem" CD. This is a Belgian alcoholics dream! "De Totem" is a long out of print homage to evil, midgets and Darkthrone! Lugrubrum creates music for sick minds, out of their own mental illness!

Finland's Pest and their one and only CD "Hail The Black Metal Wolves of Belial" will be released on BFD in early 2003. These guys really are Black Metal Wolves (and members of Satanic Warmaster).

DEBAUCHERY's debut, "Dead Scream Symphony" is a work of pure ritualistic Black Metal and will be released in late March !
Bethlehem CDrom
The apocalypse-sons Bethlehem issue shortly their "Suicide Radio" interactive CD-rom with video clips, remixed songs, photo gallery flash animation, discography and more. The band is also writing an entirely new album that will be released on Red Stream. It is said to be a combination of all known Bethlehem styles.
Dark Fortress release party/gig!
Dark Fortress prepares to release Profane Genocidal Creations with Sear Bliss and Cirith Gorgor at their release show/party! This show will take place on February 15th, in Landshut, Germany.
Baphomet prepare to release the following batch of blackness:

Eternal Silence's CD. This band composes majestic and atmospheric Black Metal from the snow filled landscapes of Norway!

Svartpest's debut CD. Svartpest is sexcellent Norway Viking Metal debut by two NECROPHAGIA members (Fug & Frediablo).

Soul Forsaken's "Tales of the Macabre" which is aggresive and brutal melodic metal by Fug and Frediablo!
Look into the Mirrorthone
Red Stream will release the debut CD of Mirrorthrone from Switzerland. The aim of Mirrorthrone is to create a music that is bearer of feelings allowing dream and imaginary but also reflection and introspection, without being prevented by any limit. All tempos are used, from a kind of ambient music that might remind Arcana to a never equalled violence and speed of Extreme Metal. One can sometimes feel some Heavy Metal influences but the dominant point is the symphonic aspect. The work was mostly based on melodies for the programming of classical instruments but also for the guitars and the voices. Thus, the music has an aura of magical and mystical strength that freezes, makes shiver and travel through icy landscapes.
NOKTURNE put out their second CD through BAPHOMET. Sick and immoral Black Metal, including a Destruction cover. A number of you might recall this act from their World War III release a year or two ago.
HIDDEN have started work on their next record, which will be released under the BAPHOMET label.
BETHLEHEM suicide!
BETHLEHEM is finnishing up on "Suicide Radio" - an interactive CD-rom, which features the band's music, short movies/videos, pictures, links, hidden secrets and more. This is a first-rate, up to date presentation from this utterly distinctive band.
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