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Necrophagia gallery stills
Check our gallery for action shots from the new Necrophagia video being filmed in Spain.
Ravenous - Blood Delirum
It is official! Red Stream will release the second full length CD from the very mentally disturbed RAVENOUS. "Blood Delerium" has been recorded and just needs some finnishing touches. Expect this piece of brutal sickness to be out by the end of this year!
Necrophagia will re-release "Legacy of Horror, Gore and Sickness" through Baphomet/Red Stream; planed for September 2003. This special re-release will contain a CD-rom track with lots of rare, vintage photos and information pertaining to the early days. For the first time all lyrics will be included in an expanded booklet with new liner notes. A new and improved "Coffin Box" edition will follow with a lot of surprises. When asked why re-releasing "Legacy…" was necessary Killjoy commented, "Without going into a lot of detail, because of pending lawsuit, it's quite simple: Necropolis repeatedly represses Baphomet titles, but has not paid the bands or label and won’t respond to our ongoing requests to do so. I do not think that Baphomet is the only label that has experienced this kind treatment. We are currently working with our legal firm who is gathering information on all the numbers pertaining to Baphomet releases through Necropolis. As we feel many companies or individuals may be willing to help us out with this case, we ask that you get in touch with us with information if you have also fallen victim to this kind of treatment." Killjoy also stated, "By this years end everything Baphomet has released in conjunction with Necropolis will be re-released with expanded packaging and bonus material and that "you should be aware that we consider Necropolis' Baphomet CDs bootleged/unpaid versions of Baphomet titles."
Mirrorthrone released!
Tinged with Romantic and Baroque essence, the music of Mirrorthrone bears a large diversity of influences shapeshifting from Classical music with ambient atmospheres to the most cavernous sounds of extreme Black Metal.
For MP3s, pics and other info, check:
Skepticism/Pantheist/Until Death Overcomes Me TOUR 2003
11 April - Germany - Berlin - Knaack
12 April - Germany - Mühlhausen - Alte Brauerei
13 April - Czech Republic - Praha-Klanovice -Black Pes with guest : Dissolving Of Prodigy
15 April - Germany - Dresden - Nu Beatz Club
19 April - Belgium - Zottegem - Mundo -
Belgian Doom Night with Insanity Reigns Supreme - - Despond - Cambian Dawn
20 April - The Netherlands - Arnhem - Goudvishal
Gelredoom with Officium Triste
Necrophagia DVD 2003!
Necrophagia have started grueling, intense work for their upcoming full length feature DVD "Nightmare Scenarios", which will be released October 31st, 2003 through Red Stream, Inc..
Coffin Joe, a horror icon from Brazil, has already shot footage for "The Divine Art of Torture" and "Ze Do Caixao" in Sao Paulo Brazil which will be edited shortly.
Killjoy's five year old son, Daemon, will direct a video for "Rue Morgue Disciple" which promises to be the bloodiest Necrophagia video ever spewed forth. Killjoy commented, "He's not the typical 5 year old by any stretch of the imagination. He's talking about lots of Zombies and weird creatures… It'll be fun bringing his vision to life."
Jose Moral (Emperor, E.N.T., etc. videos) will direct a video for “Upon Frayed Lips of Silence” which will star cult actor Paul Naschy (Curse of the Devil, Werewolf's Shadow, The Hanging Woman etc). Filming will take place in Spain on the Necrophagia Torture Tour.
Future videos, directors, and editors are in the planning stages but will be confirmed in the near future.
“Nightmare Scenarios" will also include an audio CD with two exclusive, new and unreleased Necropahgia tracks: "The Fog" and "To Sleep With the Dead".
New Releases Get Through the Front Lines!!!
a. BETHLEHEM-Suicide Radio (Germany) RSR-0163 CD-rom
Audiovisual CD rom with video clips, remixed songs, photo gallery flash animation, discography and more.

b. DARK FORTRESS-Profane Genocidal Creations (Germany) RSR-0166 CD
"Profane Genocidal Creations" is an unparalleled Black Metal gauntlet, slapped across the face of the weak. Pagan spirit and conviction permeate one of the heaviest, technically stunning albums that Red Stream has ever had the morbid pleasure of releasing. DARK FORTRESS delivers another highly focused Black Metal album with a gigantic Grieghallen production (EMPEROR, BURZUM). The band crossed galaxies in their songwriting; everything from acoustic guitars, harmonious choirs, and the furious blasting terror attacks - it is all here. The songs shaped for "Profane Genocidal Creations" are played with such diabolic dedication it will take your breath away! DARK FORTRESS have ruminated in a lightless cavern for eons, honing and aging their bitter art...when you drink it's undistilled blackness, give thanks to your demonic saviors!

c. FROM BEYOND-Issue #7 (USA/Norway) FROM 7 ZINE
From Beyond is largely a printed fanzine dealing with extreme metal music and horror movies. This fucker offers 48 pages of the sick and brutal bands and horror: VOMTIOR (Aus), DECEASED (Us), JUDAS ISCARIOT (Us/Ger), ABHORRENCE (Bra), ABOMNIATOR (Aus), MORTEM (Peru), KAAMOS (Swe), SKITZO (Us), DESTRÖYER 666 (Aus/Hol), Japan Shock Video article, Jim Van Bebber article + reviews, T.F.Mous (director of the infamous Man Behind the Sun), tons of DVD/album/demo/zine reviews and gruesome cover- and interior art + a 2 page zombie/gore comix by Jake of Tales from Uranus. Pro printed of course on thick glossy paper.

d. AVE SATHANAS-Religion of Pity (Norway) BAPH 116 CD
An unholy congregation of grim Black / Death Metal obscurity recorded back in the ninetees, by Fug and Frediablo of Necrophagia, Gorelord, Wurdulak, and Svartpest. These hymns of genocide provoke your demise!

e. ETERNAL SILENCE-Between the Unseen (Norway) BAPH 114 mCD
Gramd majestic and special Black Metal from the snow-filled landscapes of Norway! Dedicated and faithful majestic Black Metal including a professional PC video clip.

f. SVARTPEST-Ved Den Drabelige Inngang Til Helvet (Norway) BAPH 115 CD
Primitive and anti-Christian music based on cavemen that once lived on the mountains and fjords of Norway. Objects like animal skulls, bones, and blocks of wood are combined with the regular Black / Viking / Pagan metal instruments are used to detain a hideously revolting sound. Includes members of Necrophagia, Gorelord, Wurdulak, and Ave Sathanas.

g. LUGRUBRUM-De Totem (Belgium) BFD 010 CD
Belgian alcoholics long out of print homage to evil, midgets and Darkthrone! They create music for sick minds, out of their own mental illness!

h. PEST-Hail The Black Metal Wolves of Belial (Finland) BFD 109 CD
Black Metal Wolves and members of Satanic Warmaster. Satanic and evil, raw Finnish Black Metal.
Sear Bliss March Tour in Holland with Her Enchantment!
Here are the dates of the tour should you be one of the ones lucky enough to see it!
5th March, Schaaf, Leeuwarden (NL)
7th March, Kompleks, Heerhugowaard (NL)
8th March, Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL)
9th March, Frontline, Gent (B)
On the Frontline in Awaiting Commands
Upcoming release include:

a. WINTERBLUT-Grund: Gelenkkunst (Germany) NWR 2 CD
10 new songs on WINTERBLUT's third CD. It will be released by a sub-label of Red Stream (Noble Wolves) and contains disturbed Black art in only the way WINTERBLUT is capable and will be released this month of March 2003.

b. DEBAUCHERY-Dead Scream Symphony BFD 011 mCD
Debauchery's introduction release is an effort of pure ritualistic Black Metal and will be released in late March!

and, not scheduled with exact dates yet, but on que:

c. NECROPHAGIA/SIGH- split 7" EP RSR-0163
Kindred of the Dying Kind (unreleased) by Necrophagia Young Burial by Sigh.

d. S.B.S./Browneye- split 7" EP BAPH 110
Brown Eye includes Mayhem and Necrophagia members. One of their punk-influenced songs is about the famous Black Metal murder of the nineties. Satan's Bake Sale's material sounds like old moshcore mixed with whirlwind grind and a heavy emphasis on humor. This joke release will warm a spot in your blackened heart.
Enoch's Debut CD
ENOCH's first CD an exceedingly surprising effort and is found on the same page as soundtrack music used in movies like "Cannibal Holocaust," "The Fog" or "House By the Cemetary" along with a vigorous dosage Goblin feeling. Enoch is the soundtrack creation of Sigh and Necrophagia that needed to be released, and will be Red Stream in the near future.
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