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Massive Sale
As Red Stream, Inc. prepares to relocate their office, take advantage of reduced prices on CD and merchandise titles!!
Krieg's in The Black House
Krieg-The Black House CD, to be released this year or early 2004! Krieg and Red Stream announce the followup to the much hated, much aclaimed "Destruction Ritual", titled "The Black House." Twelve tracks that will surprise and possibly shock those who are expecting a clone of the last album. Conceptually based upon nightmarescapes, including a cover of The Velvet Underground. Loud, thick doom guitars, unlike anything in past Krieg releases. Recorded in Winterblut Studio, Germany (Nargaroth, Winterblut) this is Krieg's first full length with a full lineup. In the face of so many changes Krieg still remains true to it's intent: KRIEG SUPPORTS THE WAR AGAINST YOU ETERNALLY!!!!!
DEMONCY - Empire of the Fallen Angel CD out now!
Warmarches of antichristian Black Metal nightsongs. Step into the kingdom enshrouded in necromantical fog and hear the sepulchral whispers! Eight page booklet with band photo and lyrics.

Only $10 from our website!!
N.C.O. MP3s ready!
To hear MP3s of NCO, please visit:
Metalfest Tickets for Sale - see Forest of Impaled Live
Now available in our mailorder:
MILWAUKEE METALFEST TICKETS XIIV. See Forest of Impaled (and about 50 other bands) play live at this show!
July 4th impalement!
Forest of Impaled's new album "Forward the Spears" will be ready for shipping on July 4th! Forget about hotdogs & hamburgers and wave high human heads on a stick while listening to this outrageous combat ready Death/Black Metal by methodological musicians. Forward the Spears marches forward with blood-spattered precision. Line up the casualties! This record will pound you with sinful annihilation!
N.C.O. - Pure Black Disease
Coming soon on BAPHOMET/Red Stream.
Pure Black disease from the open viens of Sweden. Ruthless black/death metal to divide your schizophrenia & fulfil your need for death.

PBD is the first release from Swedish death/black metal band Nephenzy Chaos Order. The album is recorded in Abyss studios (Tommy Tägtgren) and Endarker studios (Magnus Devo Andersson) during some days in March 2003 and later on mixed and mastered in Endarker studios. The album consists of 10 songs that all differ from each other but still show that it is the same band through the whole album. This record will grab you by the throat from the first second and will not let go until it is over!
Necrophagia gallery stills
Check our gallery for action shots from the new Necrophagia video being filmed in Spain.
Ravenous - Blood Delirum
It is official! Red Stream will release the second full length CD from the very mentally disturbed RAVENOUS. "Blood Delerium" has been recorded and just needs some finnishing touches. Expect this piece of brutal sickness to be out by the end of this year!
Necrophagia will re-release "Legacy of Horror, Gore and Sickness" through Baphomet/Red Stream; planed for September 2003. This special re-release will contain a CD-rom track with lots of rare, vintage photos and information pertaining to the early days. For the first time all lyrics will be included in an expanded booklet with new liner notes. A new and improved "Coffin Box" edition will follow with a lot of surprises. When asked why re-releasing "Legacy…" was necessary Killjoy commented, "Without going into a lot of detail, because of pending lawsuit, it's quite simple: Necropolis repeatedly represses Baphomet titles, but has not paid the bands or label and won’t respond to our ongoing requests to do so. I do not think that Baphomet is the only label that has experienced this kind treatment. We are currently working with our legal firm who is gathering information on all the numbers pertaining to Baphomet releases through Necropolis. As we feel many companies or individuals may be willing to help us out with this case, we ask that you get in touch with us with information if you have also fallen victim to this kind of treatment." Killjoy also stated, "By this years end everything Baphomet has released in conjunction with Necropolis will be re-released with expanded packaging and bonus material and that "you should be aware that we consider Necropolis' Baphomet CDs bootleged/unpaid versions of Baphomet titles."
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