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Necrophagia - Blood Freak video preview
Another sick and depraved music video will appear soon! Necrophagia's "Necrotorture/Sickcess" is a vomitous concoction of footage from shot on the road during the band's 2003 European tour, including an entire live show from Spain. This footage is chock full of murder, cannibalism, debauchery, and outrageous simulated snuff footage. The live video was filmed with four different angle cameras and is an entire hour of bloody performance on high resolution with Dolby 5.1 professionaly mixed sound. Enjoy this preview sample of "Blood Freak" before Necrophagia tortures you for eternity!

MP3s posted
Just about all RED STREAM and BAPHOMET titles now have MP3 downloads on their respective pages. More MP3s coming this weekend for BLOOD FIRE DEATH, CICATRIX, and various labels of our choosing. Check out the music before you buy!
Necrophagia - Harvest Ritual Volume I
The seeds were first planted with "Season of the Dead". Now NECROPHAGIA rises again with the dead while setting free their most crushingly heavy CD to date - "Harvest Ritual Volume I". The Harvest was plentiful this year; give thanks by feasting on the dead human carrion! This album is a monstrous wall of writhing gore-drenched audio horror! Recorded and mastered to perfection…. Experience an unholy sound that will penetrate your senses. NECROPHAGIA is a corpse-producing machine that will not stop reanimating their disgusting eye-gouging audio horror for ghouls and zombies alike.
Bound in Human Flesh debut CD out soon!
Bound in Human Flesh-Sick Lust For Revenge CD on BAPHOMET RECORDS, through RED STREAM.

12 blistering tracks of black/death metal, shrouded in silent omen, from the war-sick mountains of Canada.

Check out the band's website
Necrophagia - Nightmare Scenarios DVD
Necrophagia's "Nightmare Scenarios" DVD will be released around this Halloween through Red Stream, Inc. Pre orders are being taken for $20. For more information, contact

Nightmare Scenarios features the following:

9 videos in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround,

exclusive interviews with Killjoy, Paul Naschy, Jose Moral, Jorge Zarco, Dario Ferrer, and J. Luis Martine.

Behind the Scenes - Set Building .

How to make a monster : The Uncreation of Music(k) .

An introduction by Coffin Joe,

Trailer for Necrophagia's Sickcess DVD,

Still Gallery,

and a special guest appearance by Necrophagia Goddess Jenna Jameson!

Abscess - Damned & Mummified
Fasten your straightjacket and let Abscess take you on a ride into their nightmarish world. Revel in unspeakable sounds from the depths of dementia. The masters of psychedeathic brutality have come to devour minds and crush souls.
Upcoming Merchandise!
In October look for:

SKEPTICISM- Farmakon T-shirts / Longsleeves

KRIEG- The Black House T-shirts / Longsleeves

BETHLEHEM - logo sticker / Suicidal Dark Metal sticker
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Candiru - Unreleased and Dug Out
"September 1st 2004:
Canadian digital hardcore label D-TRASH Records is pleased to bring the release of CANDIRU's "Unreleased And Dug Out", a full length CD of demo material from the defunct industrial grindcore project who first hit the scene with their "Unloved And Weeded Out" disc on Relapse Record's "Release Records" sub-label.

The story goes that when SCHIZOID completed "Covered In Metal" last year, he contacted some bands that there were covers of, one of them being CANDIRU and their track "Poison Mouth". CANDIRU's Pat McCahan was so impressed with the cover that he offered D-TRASH a disc full of material, long since forgotten and buried in a closet somewhere after the demise of CANDIRU.

CANDIRU had long been a classic favorite at D-TRASH HQ for their mindblowing and influential sounds in the early 1990's. Now, this lost chapter in the great industrial grindcore scene, the demos for what would have been CANDIRU's 2nd full length CD is available for order, or for full MP3 download through the D-TRASH site. Gems like "Subjugation" and "Crystallized" are a reminder of those days of great meshing of the classic industrial experimental sound, with more heavy grindcore-rock elements. Also included on this CD is a bonus 2004 remix of "Crystallized" and full color insert by SCHIZOID."

01 Tripmoon
02 Ministration Of Termination
03 Hatred
04 Crystallized
05 Omnivorous In You
06 Stained
07 Residual Damage
08 Omnivorous
09 One Night Under A Gate
10 Soul Punisher
11 Mute God
12 And Justice
13 Subjugation
14 Nova
15 Crystallized (Schizoid - Crystalline Dirge Remix)
Cover image at
Arkhon Infaustus / Axis of Advance
Red Stream presents two OSMOSE licensed releases for America:

The Messengers of Filth are back! "PERDITION INSANABILIS", the third ARKHON INFAUSTUS album is now complete and is a real strong fix of wicked Black Metal. To be released in a digipak with 20 page booklet.

AXIS OF ADVANCE : The front lines are a blackened, smoldering bloody wreck. However, discipline and order are holding and the command remains functional. We are aggressively pursuing leads and focusing on touring in the old world and our homeland. When the details are settled and the go-ahead is given - we'll be gone. Until then, other matters are pressing. New material is starting to flow like the Styx of Hades. Its filthy black tar smoulders; polluting all it encounters by a fume poisoned with the black fires of abhorrence. Choke on it soon!

Expect these 2 releases in September 2004!
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