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NECROPHAGIA - Necrotorture / Sickcess Contest
NECROPHAGIA-Necrotorture/Sickcess Contest.
Grand prize
Harvest RItual signed CD
Holocausto de La Morte CD
Black Blood Vomitorium mCD
Goblins be Thine mCD
2 Necrophagia posters both personally signed,
Red Stream patch
Necrophagia button ..
Necrophagia stickers
Necrophagia t-shirt

The winner is the person who posts the most Necrophagia -Necrotorture/Sickess DVD comments on Myspace pages, internet newsgroups, message boards or wherever! Entrents must e-mail a list of each URL that they posted on. The contest begins this Friday, November 16th, 2005 and ends November 30th, 2005.

All URLs posted can be emailed to: by November 30th, 2005. Anyone is eligible for entry.

Blog to be posted is the following:

Necrophagia – Necrotorture/Sickcess DVD
A Red Stream release RSR-0191

Another sick and depraved music appears! Necrophagia’s “Necrotorture/Sickcess” is a vomitous concoction of footage from shot on the road during the band’s 2003 European tour, including an entire live show from Spain. With the help of Fred Vogul, whom horror fanatics will recognize from the renowned video nasty, August Underground, and Jose Moral, who has shown the world his advanced visual aspects time and time again. If you're looking for a boring, run of the mill live show, you've come to the wrong place. This is chock full of murder, cannibalism, debauchery, and outrageous simulated snuff footage. The live video was filmed with four different angle cameras and is an entire hour of bloody performance on high resolution and Dolby 5.1 professionaly mixed sound.

OUT NOW !!!!!!!!!!

Price: $20 (United States residents)
$24 (Canada & Mexico)
$28 (elsewhere)

Contact: or Red Stream @ Myspace for more ordering information.

Payments accepted: Paypal (preferred) to, major credit card, cash, check, western union.

Be sure to visit there website for the best Black/Death/Doom Metal CDs and lots more the underground has to offer!

Gore Forever!!!
Mirrorthrone: radical Carrier of Dust
After the acclaimed debut album “Of Wind and Weeping”, Mirrorthrone will strike back this Winter 2006 with the enigmatically entitled “Carriers of Dust.”

Musically, “Carriers of Dust” is an instable stream where extremities tend to gather constantly; hence the unusual cohabitation of powerful and epic tones alternating with suicidal and desperate colors. Keeping the radical Romantic and Baroque base lead by a blasting extreme metal pace that had built the identity of the previous release, this new opus integrates more diverse influences which give an almost progressive taste to the music. Benefiting from a massively improved production (especially on the drum level) this new release should convince all those who remained skeptic with the debut album.

This latest recording directs its resentment towards two conflictive poles. On the first hand it spites venom against a general, pseudo demiurgic and blindfolded post-modern movement. In its revolutionary haste, this movement denied all rules set by nature’s pulse and therefore misses its aim and leads a decadent humanity towards wretched existence. On the other hand, it attacks the pseudo intellectual opponents that pretend to rise against this depraved cause. Using primitive, harsh and empty concepts actually unifies them with their antagonist points of view, since both are born from the same tactless agitation.

Mostly sung in French and composed of evolving long tracks, “Carriers of Dust” will target the heart of its listener and rip it savagely until no more tears can ease the pain. Each listening will be an initiative journey revealing hostile and unexpected surroundings.
Heathen Crusade Metalfest
Mayhem Productions is proud to present:

Featuring, in their FIRST North American performances:

MOONSORROW from Finland
PRIMORDIAL from Ireland
THYRFING from Sweden


TODESBONDEN (featuring Laurie Ann Haus of Autumn Tears, Ephemeral Sun, Rain Fell Within, Garden of Shadows, Nest)

More bands to be announced soon!

Saturday, January 21, 2006
Star Central
4005 Central Avenue NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421 (Minneapolis)

Tickets on sale October 15, 2005
$25 in advance, $30 day of show

For general info contact:

We are also looking for vendors and/or sponsors, if interested please contact:

For more info, go to:
Bloodthorn - Genocide CD
In 2001 mankind suffered Under the Reign of Terror; this autumn they must prepare for Genocide! Four and a half years passed with countless delays, difficulties, and lineup changes which threatened to lay Bloodthorn to its' final rest. But the Norwegian Death Metallers remained strong and finally return with their heaviest and most extreme album to this day. Spanning almost fifty minutes and including songs such as the savage and frantic "Nightmare of Violence," "Sacrificial Slaughter," "Monolith of the Dead," as well as the brutal onslaught of "Hell on the Eastern Front," "Blood and Iron" and the crushing heavyweight "They Will Arise" the Genocide album marks a definite milestone in the bands career. Genocide was recorded in Godt Selskap Studio (Chton, Griffin, Keep of Kalessin) with Knut Fug Prytz (Necrophagia) producing, giving the album the heavy, thundering production the band sought after. Expect nothing but TOTAL WAR!


NECROPHAGIA (OH,JPN,IT,NOR) Season Of Mist / RedStream

1st U.S. Tour and appearances since 1986

ENGORGE (NJ,CA) Dark Horizon Records

TYPHUS (IN) Dark Horizon Records


June 25th

The Cup

1410 E. Elizabeth Ave

Linden, NJ

(Engorge-Morbid Sin + others)

July 22 2005


Brick By Brick

San Diego, CA

July 23 2005


The Westchester Sports Bar

Los Angeles, CA

July 24 2005


The Pound

San Francisco, CA

Jul 26 2005
The Compound
Albuquerque, NM

Jul 27 2005


Lucky Devils

El Paso, TX

Jul 28 2005


The Engine Room

Houston, TX

Jul 29 2005


Just Bills

St. Louis, MO

Jul 30 2005


Milwaukee Metalfest

Modjeska Theatre
1134 E. Mitchell Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Jul 31 2005



Clifton, NJ

Aug 1 2005
The Underworld
New York, NY

Aug 2 2005

August 2 2005
Springfield, VA

August 3th
Ground Zero
Spartanburg, SC

August 4th
The Brass Mug
Tampa, FL

August 5th
Island Oasis
Winter Park, FL

New Necrophagia online Morgue!
This is the new group that appears in the
Necrophagia Harvest Ritual Booklet.
Necrophagia online Morgue club!
Go here to witness the horror!
Sear Bliss present upcoming DVD release!
This extraordinary DVD contains SEAR BLISS’ 10th anniversary show. This monstrous material - recorded in 2004 – had the aid of three camera angles and a 5.1 dolby mix. This show includes ten thundering songs which pound your eyes and ears for over an hour. There are long interviews with all SEAR BLISS members and those surrounding the band. The DVD furthermore contains a vast still gallery plus vintage footage for a entire mindblowing experience just shy of three hours!
The KorovaKill-Shores are opened
After some Years in the Hidden Korova kill the Net again. Web-Admiral Lucio Basadonne has created a mezmerizing new Island for our Waves of Word and Sound:

Here you can explore all our acoustic Journeys (including the lost Album "Echowelt") and dive into the sparkling Oceans of the Korovakill. Welcome to the Realms of Untime!
ABSCESS - Damned & Mummified TS/LS
Coming soon to Red Stream:

ABSCESS-Damned & Mummified full color T-shirts & Longsleeves. Features album artwork, ABSCESS insignia + "Damned & Mummified" text all on high quality shirts with striking artwork. Watch our website for details or pre-order by e-mailing
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