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Sjodogg reviews!

Sjodogg are back, all hail Sjodogg. Slotsvik & Hektoen return with the follow-up to Ode to Obscurantism, which even though I discovered long after its initial release was one of those life-changing moments upon hearing. Som en Øks i Hodet is no different in that manner, it truly is an axe to the head!

In the creation of this album, they have drawn inspiration from the visual style of Nosferatu (nitty, gritty & flickery). And for the most part, hell yes, they have succeeded. But most importantly they have exceeded every expectation I had to this album, and for me this is an instant classic. A brutal assault on the ears as it should be, no compromise, no holds barred, and definitely not a pretty fucking ride. If you want niceties and shiny happy people, please exit your ass and relocate it to the new age hippie bullshit selection of the store.

Hektoen soldiers on like a possessed madman behind the kit, and vocally he snarls & roars out the lyrics almost like you’d expect someone in a straitjacket under constant supervision/medication might sound. As for the bass and guitar being manhandled courtesy of Mr. Slotsvik, you will hear some subtle black metal references to olden times. At least I seem to hear a nod here and there to the ancient past, and there is a lot of severely nice thrash metal riffing going on throughout the record.

As I said earlier, this is not a pleasant journey you are being taken on. It is eerie, haunting and downright mesmerizing to the point that after multiple plays you can’t bring yourself to stop playing it. The discomfort is strong in this one. If you don’t believe me, crank up “Between the Abyss and Beyond” HIGH on a headset and you will get the picture. Even Hektoen himself said: “This is not supposed to be pretty”. He sure got that right, it’s a nitty gritty ugly monster of an album.

It was very, very hard to choose one track over the other in my recommendation, but here goes: “As the Rope Ate Its Way Through the Flesh”, “Deformed and Bloated” & “He Dragged His Shadow Across the Land”.

Written by VempireChrist


If you were looking for a black metal album where Voivod meets the ultra-classic silent film Nosferatu from 1922, then congratulations: the new Sjodogg is here!

Formed in Oslo back in 2003, the four-piece released a couple of demos until 2008, when they released their first proper full-lenght, Landscapes of Disease and Decadence. With their second album, Ode to Obscurantism, the group added more progressive elements to the familiar Deathspell Omega feel they had in “Landscapes”, resulting in an album with more depth and darkness.

It’s been a long time since the release of “Ode” (five years), and with Som en Øks i Hodet, Sjodogg keeps developing in the progressive way they’ve already shown to us with their previous efforts. The biggest achievement in Som en Øks i Hodet is the correlation between the music and the concept the band chose to develop. Listening to some of the moments in the album, it’s easy to imagine a modern version of Nosferatu with the music of Sjodogg as a soundtrack.

Recorded in the old analogue fashion with the aim of having a more organic and, in their words, “thrashy” feeling, Sjodogg is about to release their best album so far. With its morbid landscapes and obscure musical labyrinths, Som en Øks i Hodet is a great chance to immerse yourself in a sea of proggy and discordant black metal. Tasty!

Written by Matías Gallardo


Sjodogg’s third full-length places the band where it’s more or less always been, in the deep trenches of 90s black metal. The album begins with “Deformed and Bloated”, which instantly reminds me of Darkthrone’s “Under a Funeral Moon”. With its monotone riffing, minimalistic drums and animalistic vocals, this comparison is easy to make. But by no means does that equate that Sjodogg is merely a Darkthrone clone, as so many others have fallen victim to before. In actuality, the band’s sound is somewhat closer to that of Ved Buens Ende or DHG, just heaps more rotten. Sjodogg opts to using weird effects, noises and ambience to increase the feeling of dread the album gives out.

Acoustic guitars and many layers of electric guitar also helps to set Sjodogg apart from those that would milk the teats of “True Kvlt Black Metal”. This is a monotone album, yes, but not minimalistic. There are no restrictons of the amount of things going on. There isn’t just a drumset, one guitar and a bass, but close to a fog of different guitars, vocal effects and ambient noises at any one time. However, I actually wish there were more of these ambient weird noises. It truly is integral to the sound of the album; therefore I wish it was emphasised more. It allows the album to remain in the foreground of my listening; it does not fade into obscurity. Particularly on track six, at around the minute mark, the music seems to “lag” intentionally: I would have loved more of that.

But enough about the sound: What about the performance?
Well, Dracunculus and Hordeolum play tight and with enough spice and flavor that even the most monotone riffs keep surprising. The vocals are consistent and harsh, if a bit dull. On track five, “The Beat of Your Demise” (which is only a minute and ten seconds), the band goes into a fast-paced frenzy, which at first listen sounds messy, but in actuality is rather well thought out and goes well into the next song. I think this also illustrates the rest of the album in a good way: It takes several listens for everything to “click”, but once it does it’s fantastic.

For what my mind is worth, Sjodogg has produced a fine record with enough personal touches that are not typically found in this genre. This might not be an instant classic for years to come, but then again, it just might.

Check out: “Deformed and Bloated”, “The Beat of Your Demise”, “He Dragged His Shadow Along the Land”.

Written by Vetle Raatten Skogmo

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New Besatt -Impia Symphonia EP out 6.25.2015
For many years Polish Besatt has given praise to Black Metal and all the hordes related to their dark arts. Their new 2015 EP "Impia Symphonia" is a completely new face of abomination. It is thick and oozing Blackened blasting Metal hell from the depths of Purgatory. This devilish creation is the reoccurring Besatt nightmare that has murdered stereos throughout time. It is a suicidal ritual of hatred, anger and wrath.
Current lineup is: Beldaroh on bass and vocals, Astaroth on lead guitar, Colossus on rhythm guitar and Exernus on drums.

Besatt Nine Sins! Thanks for your order of this hellish piece!
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