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Judas Iscariot-To The Triump of Evil TS/LS
These are coming back to us on November 2, 2015 and now can be pre-ordered in our webstore.
Summer Clearance Sale 2015!
Red Stream summer clearance sale is now going on. Check the SALE PRICING section of our website near the bottom of the main page screen for GREAT deals on merch!!!
New Besatt -Impia Symphonia EP out 6.25.2015
For many years Polish Besatt has given praise to Black Metal and all the hordes related to their dark arts. Their new 2015 EP "Impia Symphonia" is a completely new face of abomination. It is thick and oozing Blackened blasting Metal hell from the depths of Purgatory. This devilish creation is the reoccurring Besatt nightmare that has murdered stereos throughout time. It is a suicidal ritual of hatred, anger and wrath.
Current lineup is: Beldaroh on bass and vocals, Astaroth on lead guitar, Colossus on rhythm guitar and Exernus on drums.

Besatt Nine Sins! Thanks for your order of this hellish piece!
Out next: BESATT-Nine Sins CD
Besatt's ninth album comes to life soon!
Graveland - Ogien Przebudzenia preorder
Now available to preorder!
Soon available, Graveland- Ogien Przebudzenia CD digipak

Graveland Ogien Przebudzenia CD

Re-recorded album version with new vocals of Lord Wind Members, violin and others musical instruments never used before by band. Available as killer digipack and jewel case with brand new design.
Polish version of the album The Fire of Awakening
Sale pricing updated
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After a long hiatus, Accurst is now back on track to complete the trilogy of concept albums that started back in 2003.

Having been featured in Sinister's soundtrack last year, Accurst has now launched a crowd-funding campaign for an upcoming 3rd album entitled Messenger of Shadows.

Accurst needs to raise a budget for equipment and software needed for the recording of Messenger of Shadows

The campaign is hosted at

Help Accurst complete the trilogy by contributing or spreading the word.

About Accurst:
Accurst begun in late 1999 as a concept project, and in 2003 the debut, Fragments of a Nightmare, was released on Colflesh Records and distributed through Red Stream. In 2006, a follow-up album entitled A Phantom's Noctuary was released on the now defunct Serpene Heli Music.

In 2012, 3 tracks from Accurst's debut album, Fragments of a Nightmare, were featured in 2012's film, Sinister, directed by Scott Derrickson and starring Ethan Hawke. They can be heard in the film's perhaps most chilling moments.

Now Accurst is trying to raise the budget to record a third album entitled Messenger of Shadows.

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