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Topic: Arizmenda (USA) - Within the Vacuum of Infinity... Tape

Crepúsculo Negro and Dismal Cursings present:


01 Those Beaten Paths Of Confusion 11:41 (Sample)
02 Beyond The Shadows Of Emptiness & Nothingness 14:29
03 Poison Yourself...With Thought 9:20
04 The Agents Of Transformation 8:31
05 Drowning In The Pain Of Consciousness 8:30
06 Deny The Disease Of Life 13:26

Third album of the Black Twilight Circle. 6 hymns 66 minutes.
This tape is distributed in Europe and rest of world except for the USA by Dismal Cursings.
Simultaneously Crepúsculo Negro released this album on tape as well for distribution in the USA (One copy per person only lim. 100 w/patch).
Klaxon to release DLP and limited Cd shortly. Shirt out soon.
Arizmenda tour 2010.......

=> Picture US press
=> Picture European press

Distribution channels (more to follow):
AAP (Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions) (Finland)
Defanatus Productions (Sweden)
Drakkar Productions (France)
Heidens Hart (The Netherlands)
Ixiol Productions (Japan)
Klaxon Records (USA)
Occult Sadism (Belgium)
No Colours Records (Germany)
Sigilla Malæ (Germany)
Tanhu Records (Hun)
Taphephobia Productions (New Zealand)
Terratur Possessions (Norway)
Total Holocaust Records (Sweden)
Tour De Garde (Canada)
Werewolf Records (Finland)
WTC (Germany)
Weird Truth Productions (Japan)

Also available:
CRS001 Trist (Cze) "Zjit?ená bolest" Tape
CRS002 Joyless (Nor) / Dekadent Aesthetix (Rom) - split 7" EP


Re: Arizmenda (USA) - Within the Vacuum of Infinity... Tape

The last distributors:
Ixiol Productions (Japan)
Heidens Hart (The Netherlands)
Occult Sadism (Belgium)
No Colours Records (Germany)
Taphephobia Productions (New Zealand)
Weird Truth Productions (Japan)

Re: Arizmenda (USA) - Within the Vacuum of Infinity... Tape

(CN version) Arizmenda cassette sold out...stop ordering...shirt out soon

Axeman "Arrive" - Cassette/Shirt - December (no pre-order)

Upcoming Crepúsculo Negro cassette releases:
Axeman - "Arrive"
Kallathon - "Before drifting into the abyss"
Kallathon/Volahn - split
Ashdautas/Bone Awl - split
Ashdautas - "Where the Sun is Silent"
Dolorvotre - Full length
Worship Black Twilight
Volahn - Dimensiónes del Trance Kósmico (2nd press)
Ashdautas - 2nd album
Arizmenda - 2nd album
Volahn - 2nd album
Volahn/Ashdautas - split

aswell as many more releases......

Will try to stock as many of these releases as possible for Europe. Don't mail me about this, updates will be posted on the site once something is available..
(DC version) Arizmenda cassette is running low as well, don't wait if you intended to order this.

Re: Arizmenda (USA) - Within the Vacuum of Infinity... Tape

Sold out since yesterday - still available from distributors.