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Zatokrev-Bury the Ashes The current Post-Metal wave keeps growing and growing, this year looks quite promising as bands like Pelican and Jesu will be bombarding our ears with their albums soon enough; from a tiny and quiet corner a band called Zatokrev throws an album that was released a few months ago in that underground label known as "Czar Of Crickets", don't worry though, this year the band will release that title via "Firebox Records". So for us lucky persons who already own the original edition lets rejoice with this review, for the ones who don't know the band, read and learn for this title shall be in your "to buy" list quite soon.

Zatokrev delivers high quality Post-Metal in the vein of early Isis, it's all about hardcore vocals, stretched riffs, untied execution, powerful breakdowns and the catchier hooks I've heard this year. The musicianship develops slowly from mid-paced structures to a rumbling outburst of violence and grotesque songwriting; it's everything a Post-Metal fanatic can possibly wish for in a record.

"Bury The Ashes" is a thunderous experience! It will be difficult for this one to battle against the big names out there, but it will surely be a bloody bare-knuckle match that will literally batter the floor on which those "big bands" are standing. Zatokrev has all the elements to set themselves higher on the food chain, they just need to polish their music a little bit, after all they've been active for only 4 or 5 years, they're a young band releasing incredibly professional material (from the lyrics and music to the booklet and concept), once they surpass their own ideas, we'll have a new masterpiece among us.

Only to conclude; this album is essential for the Post-Metal supporters, it's an album that will unquestionably shine next to Neurosis, Pelican and Isis in your shelves. - / by Herzebeth

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Label: Firebox | Item Code: Various | | Year: 2007 | Genre: Death Metal

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