Zarathustra - It Was A Night CD Review

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2003-09-22 : goetia_unreleased : Link
I think this is a great release. The keyboards were executed in a perfect way. Some of songs are melancholic sounding and thus enhance this album. I usually dislike clean vocals, but this is one of those few exceptions. Kiril has a very good voice. The use of clean vocals only adds to the brilliance of this album. Most of the songs are very long which is a plus for me. The only problem is that track 5 was too short. It is one of my favorites and should have been longer. The guitars sound like the ones on Pantheon's first demo. In other words they were great. This is a very good hybrid style of metal. Key songs include: The Colour of Your Soul, About the Poisonous Spider, Kisses of the Ice Craving, Loneliness of the Givers, & ...It's Day.