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Wolfmare-Whitemare Rhymes e folk metal band WOLFMARE was founded in 2002 in St. Petersburg, Russia by ex-members of local metal and folk projects. From the very beginning WOLFMARE was planned to be not only a band to play music but also a kind of performance act. The main language of lyrics is English, but some traditional sacred texts in ancient languages like Latin and old German are also used. WOLFMARE songs are based on both the past and the present. They are a kind of mix between European (mostly Scandinavian) traditions and sounds of modern world.
WOLFMARE is a successful live band. They played at a number of club gigs and open airs in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities. They supported such bands as CRUACHAN, TIAMAT, FINNTROLL, BATTLELORE, ENSIFERUM, and KORPIKLAANI in St. Petersburg and were the special guests at the CRUACHAN's Russian tour.
WOLFMARE has recorded two albums. The first one released by the local metal label FONO in 2004 is titled Widdershins (as Wolfsangel). It can be described as a model folk metal piece with some minor influences of black metal. Although it was not distributed outside Russia, about 3.000 copies were sold. Recording of the second album called Whitemare Rhymes was finished in Spring, 2007 and will be released at CCP Records . All the acoustic instruments like bagpipes, cello, fiddle et all others are not sampled, but played live. There are three lead vocals (growl/scream, clean male vocal and clean female one) here as well as the guest vocals by Keith Fay and Karen Gilligan from CRUACHAN. Style of music cannot be characterized as pure Folk Metal, since creativity of the band is too strong to lock it in frames of one genre. More shades of Black Metal, Doom Metal and even the 70s rock added to the folk metal base make the unique WOLFMARE sound.

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Label: Fono | Item Code: Various | Country: Russia | Year: 2008 | Genre: Folk Metal

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