Witchsmeller Pursuivant - Melissa's Birthday

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Witchsmeller Pursuivant-Melissa's Birthday WITCHSMELLER PURSUIVANT do not only have an obscure name, no, they sound like that as well! If I didn't know that the CD is new, I'd have thought it to be a forgotten jewel from the Eighties. The sound is so nicely old-fashioned and they shit on all current trends. Pure Metal, between progressiveness and melody, a little reminding me of MERCYFUL FATE, which is also thanks to the original voice of singer Luciver Vecken. He is a real troll and doesn't stand back to KING DIAMOND at all. He just sounds even more wacked out!

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Label: Self-released | Item Code: W P | Country: Belgium | Year: 1998 | Genre: Heavy Metal

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