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Warspite-Confrontation Course Nowadays the biggest part of all Gothenburg death metal is funnily enough not produced in the city itself but instead the style is played all over the world (albeit most of the time in a metalcore wrapping). Often this results in a cheap ripped-off sound and seldom in an original and high-quality approach.

The East Germans of Warspite fall right in between these two categories. Their second full-length album 'Confrontation Course' is filled to the brim with numerous typical Gothenburg melodic bits and those delicious rolling riffs. It is a really good record to put on while you are doing some chores to (re-) energize yourself somewhat. However, as soon as you listen more closely you notice almost immediately how little the songs differ from each other. Halfway through the record the band seems to up the standard a bit with 'December' and 'Continual Decline', which are both more varied in the tempos and they possess a few nice breaks, but unfortunately the rest of the songs are just not special enough.

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Label: G.U.C. | Item Code: Various | Country: Germany | Year: 2007 | Genre: Death Metal

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