Vokodlok - Mass Murder Genesis

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Vokodlok-Mass Murder Genesis Alright, the Rumanian band Vokodlok has found their way to my postbox. This is the bands debut full length, though one can't hear that. The music is delivered with a passion, energy and aggression and a great bunch of professionalism, which seldom is heard from a debuting band. The style is hard boiled black metal, with some influences from heavy death metal. And then there are some very heavy-rock feel over some of the guitars, at times great power chords. Besides the heavy guitar playing, are we also treated with fast as lightning riffing in the best black metal manner. The work of the drums are very stabile, they are getting a good pounding. And even though the cymbals are drowning a bit in the dark production, is the drum performance good and listenable. The vocals deserves a chapter for it self. A dark and grum grave digging vocal, which can hunt one at night, one can't feel safe. Unpleasant, aggressive and really great. As written is the production a bit primitive, but fits the music very well. Though could the cymbals and the bass have gotten some more space in the sound picture. Guitar and the vocal are as usual the dominating elements. But what the fuck, it works well! There isn't many original moments over the music. But it is delivered with a stabile, firm and brutal hand. There is a lot of soul and energy in the music. And I have to confess, that this is one of the best "new" black metal bands, I have heard in quite some time. There is a good variety between the blasting parts and the more rocky parts, and that gives the album a long life. - Fishcomcollective webzine.

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Label: Beauty of Pain | Item Code: BLACK001 | Country: Czech Republic | Year: 2003 | Genre: Black Metal

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