Various Artsits - Might is Right - Nordic Warchants II (used)

  | 2CD + DVD

2 x audio CDs featuring 150 min of music and a 90min DVD of Ragnarök festival 2007!!!

Packaged with two full CD cases + a slipcase to make it look like a mini-box set!!!!

1. October Falls Part III
2. Irminsul Vakaren
3. Forterese Deluge Blanc
4. Theudho Harjaz
5. Numen Ahanzturaren Hilobia
6. Myrkgrav De To Spellemen
7. Vrankenvorde Sturmvogel
8. Nydving Upon the Throne of North
9. Blodtru Sol is Dead
10. Taunusheim Followed by the Raven
11. Utlagr 1066, Blood and Iron in Hastings
12. Allvaters Zorn Geburt (extract)
13. Sturmpercht Wir Rufen Deine Woelfe
14. Infaust Dunkle Obsessionen
15. Atomtrakt Eisenkerker (extract)

1. Urgehal Satanic Black Metal in Hell
2. Yggdrasil Kvaellning Oever Trolska Landskap
3. Dantalion A Corredoira Das Animas
4. Carved in Stone Mighty Friends
5. Vardlokkur I Forraeders Blod
6. Crystalmoors Brotherhood of the Three Banners
7. Foscor I Torna De Las Cendres
8. Bran Barr Rebirth Morgan's gift to Righ Sidh
9. Hel Blooded Shores
10. Battle Dagorath Dead Eyes of the Moon
11. Grivf Naar Alt Fryser Ind (extract)
12. Helritt Trotzdem Dem Niedergang
13. Hromovlad Ohna Hlad, Vody Chlad
14. Heorot Pyha Simasali
15. Theudho The Blade of Odin
16. Soulsearch Blitz und Donnerkeil

Ragnarök 2007 DVD
Includes performances by: Helheim, Angantyr, Fjoergyn, Urgehal, Eluveitie, Månegarm, Koldbrann, Hel, Aaskerea, Tyr, Helfahrt, Kromlek, Heidevolk, Wolfchant, Riger, Kampfar

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Label: Det Germanske Folket | Item Code: Various | Country: Various | Year: 2008 | Genre: Pagan Metal

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