Various Artists - Girls Got Rhythm

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It's hard enough to be a tribute band at a time when all the retro bands are rushing to cash in on a reunion tour, but now this breed of rocker has to pull out a gimmick to stand out from the pack. Fine, so being a chick isn't exactly a gimmick, but it must suck having to stand in front of old drunk dudes at a biker bar and rock out tunes by their masculine heroes.

Fret not, Liquor and Poker has taken the guess work out of deciding who rocks and who sucks by showcasing the best of the best in female tribute bands on "Girls Got Rhythm." Take the Iron Maidens. These fiery harlots have been shredding for years. Search YouTube and you'll find them. They tackle "Run to the Hills" with so much ruthlessness that they make the Blaze Bailey-era Maiden look like a bunch of pussies.

The comp also includes three kick ass AC/DC covers from different bands, a true to form "Love Gun" by Black Diamond, and punkers The Ramonas and Ms. Fits to their worst on "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" and Last Caress" respectively.

Okay, so obviously this comp isn't for everyone. There's going to be those neigh sayers that don't listen to any comps cause they might as well listen to the originals. And, then there's the people who just hate female singers. But if you want to hear a different slant on your favorite rock tunes, performed by bands that rock their balls off (snicker), then this comp is a must.

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