Vardan - From the Pale Moonlight

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Vardan-From the Pale Moonlight VARDAN = THE NEW ERA OF BLACK METAL!!!
VARDAN Stands at the Forefront of the Modern Black Metal / Doom / Atmospheric Scene. Breaking expectations, Bending boundaries, Destroying the norm… Treading NEW ground for the entire Metal genre… while forging a new Path that is Uniquely VARDAN's !!!
VARDAN continues his dominance of Metal with "From the Pale Moonlight". Chronologically the 21st album in the band's vast discography, "From the Pale Moonlight" is perhaps VARDAN's most emotive recording to date. Exhibiting VARDAN's characteristically grim 'n' forsaken brand of hypnotic Black Metal, "From the Pale Moonlight" also shows many somber shades of melody, both miserable and mesmerizing. Rounded with bouts of well-timed (and very emotive) speed dragging the melancholy to manic, horrific ends. Glimpse a view "From the Pale Moonlight" and VARDAN will entrance you !
* VARDAN's 21st full-length studio album!!!
* Highlight of the Modern Black Metal scene!
* Recorded at Shining Depth Studio.
* Grim winter cover art that will attract all Black Metal fans.
* Mandatory for fans of Burzum, Dark Throne, Inquisition, Carpathian Forest, Dark Space, Manes, Sadness, Happy Days and Moon!
1. I (18:14)
2. II (13:26)
3. III (7:30)

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Label: Moribund | Item Code: Various | Country: Italy | Year: 2015 | Genre: Black Metal

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