Uvall - Obsidian Torment (used)

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Uvall-Obsidian Torment (used)
Full-length debut album from UVALL (previous split-cd with BARESARK was sold out a couple of years ago); cult Nordic-influenced darkness. Raw production, but not "primitive"; skillfully grim attack, with strong sharp edges of old-school Heavy Metal brutality in the vein of similar Underground bands found on Northern Heritage (CLANDESTINE BLAZE), Bestial Burst (BLOODHAMMER/INCRIMINATED), Breath of Night (JUDAS ISCARIOT, KRIEG), Regimental Records (HELLKULT, NACHTMYSTIUM), Asgard Musik (NUCLEAR WINTER, STRIBORG), etc.

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Label: Antinomian | Item Code: DCLXVI11 | Country: United States | Year: 2005 | Genre: Black Metal

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