Trollech vs. Heiden - Trollech vs. Heiden

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Trollech vs. Heiden-Trollech vs. Heiden Although the bands are different regarding speed and intensity, the sound and quality of the recordings is pretty similar, so that it really feels like a real split and not just a combination of two recordings. Both bands have a style that is Czech, but also clearly with their roots in the great Nordic metal scene. If you are into the atmosphere of Bathory, this split is highly recommendable. Now let's hope that some European and North American distributors (like Red Stream) will pick this excellent release up to give these bands the exposure they deserve: both on basis of earlier releases, but also and most certainly on the basis of this split CD!

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Label: Naga Productions | Item Code: NAGA 007 | Country: Czech Republic | Year: 2007 | Genre: Black Metal

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