Thornspawn - Infernal Allegiance - First Possession

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Thornspawn-Infernal Allegiance - First Possession This assault contains the Demo from 1996 "The Dacian Empire" and the "Consecration of Evil made Flesh" Demo 1997, Released back in 2004 by Agonia Recs. Just expect more than Antichristian Genocidal Raw US Black Metal. By no means has the Genocide Weaponry known as Thornspawn ended, it has simply grown stronger in hatred, vengeance, and the systematic annhilation of the christian & muslim plague.We scorn and hold in contempt all rumor mongers, and only wish to strangle your pathetic lifes with 17 more years of Hatred! BEWARE!!!

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Label: Hell Attacks | Item Code: HA 010 | Country: United States | Year: 2006 | Genre: Black Metal

Price: $ 8.55  | Buy It Now!
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