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Thermal Pulse-Cult of Enchanted Rage Over the years I have noticed that alot of black metal bands have become an ongoing process of the same thing. Corpsepaint bearing, Satan worshiping, fast black metal. Few bands have captured the dark, eerie creation that black metal is about, and one of those bands I have found out is Thermal Pulse.

The "Thermal Pulse Promo" in which I received was great. It was a really aggressive and brutal. With the into track "Trust Fire, Trust Pain", immediately the song strikes at you with ferocious blast beats and searing guitars, with a deep hatred that literally leaks out of the listeners speakers. Around a minute in the track allows you to finally breathe, only to bring you to your knees and suffer from its brutal assault once more. The highlight song from the promo was most definitely "Curse", which was still really heavy, but with a bit of diversity in the song, in which the other three lack.

Overall, this is a good release worth checking out. It has its ups and downs, for example the drums sound the same in all the songs and at times overpower the guitars. On the other hand, the vocals were great, that somewhat reminded me of 1349, and the intensity that has been sought has certainly made it a great listen from Thermal Pulse. Antichristian Front has really set the bar high. 8/10.

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Label: Antichristian Front | Item Code: Various | | Year: 2007 | Genre: Black Metal

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