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Terror Organ-Necromechanics Finally Terror Organ sees the light of day on vinyl! "Death Factory Machinery" starts off with crispy distorted loops and subtle feedback as well as a throbbing bass dirge and Helmkamp's token vocal snarls in a slower than usual delivery with some effects. There are a few explosive moments where electronics surge forth alongside the basslines, which is very curious because it's really structured like a concrete "song", using noisy textures as "instruments". There might be some heavily distorted percussion in there as well, it's hard to tell. But the piece comes to an end with sputtering back and forth sounds mixed with completely deformed samples. Side B offers "Iron Proletariat", which is at times slightly louder and begins with a sample (I believe in French) over piercing blips of feedback and low, rumbling distortion. Grinding waves of harsh attack are layered repeatedly to create a chaotic backdrop for some low pitch shifted shouts. This is definitely a more menacing and subversive track. Overall the sound quality seems slightly muddier than usual, possibly due to the vinyl, but it has both its positive and negative sides. The negative is that the mix loses some detail (in this case I'd mostly like to hear more vocals, slightly), while the positive is that it lends that classic sort of rugged vibe to the material, which sort of outweighs the loss of clarity and meets up with the visual presentation well. The layout is all done in black and white, very minimal. It has an old school cut and paste sort of look to it (tastefully, not sloppily) with worn old photos of decapitated heads and other such gruesome imagery. I especially like the image on the back cover, as the reproduction is so worn and busy that the visual content is very subtle and creates an illusory sort of quality. This is a great 7", I look forward to hearing Terror Organ on vinyl more often. -Aversionline.com

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Label: War Hammer Records | Item Code: WAR 015 | Country: United States | Year: 2005 | Genre: Power Electronics

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