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Temple of Baal-Black Unholy Presence TEMPLE OF BAAL was consecrated in middle 1998 by Amduscias, to return to debut 90's Black Metal, musically and spiritually. Considering first to act as a one-man band, Amduscias finally conjured three demons, MKM (Vox-ANTAEUS), Arkdaemonn (Atomic Subnoize-DEVIANT), and Herr Rikk (Hellhammers-ex PENUMBRA) so as to spread the Devil's message giving live ceremonies.

Yet after a few rehearsals, MKM decided to leave. TEMPLE OF BAAL would now act as a trio, Amduscias switching to incantations as well as chainsaw. A few months after, the first official release was spawned, the infamous "Satanas Lux Solis" rehearsal tape. Recorded live with a more than basic equipement, its sound was crude, raw and dirty. It was of course hated by many, yet hailed by true underground maniacs. "Satanas Lux Solis" sold out soon with 200 exemplaries.

A deal had been concluded with the French label Chanteloup Creations to release the first demo of the band. TEMPLE OF BAAL soon entered Coprophagus studio and "Black Unholy Presence" was recorded in February 2000. Once again, this release sold out quickly with 300 copies. Hard to find nowadays, this demo shall be re-released on CD with bonus tracks by Oaken Shield Records.

"Black Unholy Presence" would have a more than descent impact on the Underground. Two deals were concluded, with Drakkar Productions to take part in "The Return Of Darkness And Hate", and with End All Life Productions to release a split LP with French Fellow blacksters ETERNAL MAJESTY. TEMPLE OF BAAL's side, "Faces Of The Void" would include one old demo track re-recorded and two new tracks, "Satanic Dominators" (a hail to the rare true bands in the scene), and the instrumental "On Through The Void". The 300 copies of this unholy alliance sold out in three weeks from the release date.

An album was originally scheduled to be released on Chanteloup Creations but this label went RIP in 2001 due to problems with justice. TEMPLE OF BAAL's first album will hence be released on Oaken Shield Productions.

Since the inception of TEMPLE OF BAAL, several blasphemic live ceremonies took place with mighty names like ENTHRONED, IMPIETY, ABIGAIL, ARKHON INFAUSTUS, ANTAEUS....

TEMPLE OF BAAL spread the values of Satan

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Label: Oaken Shield | Item Code: FPG 14 | Country: France | Year: 2002 | Genre: Black Metal

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