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T.O.M.B.-Macabre Noize Royale T.O.M.B. is a mysterious, unnamed entity well known for crafting the darkest
noise recordings with the aid of nothing but field recordings. With Macabre
Noize Royale, T.O.M.B. has set out to push the boundaries further than ever
To collect the field recordings T.O.M.B. travelled and trespassed through
Pennsylvania's darkest landmarks including:
Bethlehem Steel Works - builder of large calibre guns during WWI and WWII
Eden Hall Church - 157 year old gothic church destroyed from arson
Laurel Hill Cemetery - 170 year old cemetery
Lambertville High School - students burned alive 30 years ago, site of
countless suicides since.
Each location has a disturbing history and they have become locations of
multiple ghost sightings and unexplained deaths.

Through these field recordings, smashing recording rods into massive steel
structures and ancient crypt doors, T.O.M.B. reawakens the decaying structures
and the agonizing history they hold sealed.
The recordings are then crafted into the darkest, heaviest BLACK NOISE ever
recorded. And for the first time full Black Metal / Industrial tracks have been

Macabre Noize Royale is T.O.M.B.'s most diverse album by far. Integrating pure
noise with ambience, Industrial and Black Metal. The clear intention is to push
the boundaries of Black Noise sound manipulation and continue to shock the
listener (both fans and newcomers).

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Label: Todestrieb | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2008 | Genre: Black Metal

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