Swallow the Sun - Forgive Her

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Swallow the Sun-Forgive Her The new single from Finnish masters of sorrow. Two songs, one from the upcoming album and one cover with a quite notable visitor, I might say.

Forgive Her... starts with quite sorrowful melodic guitars. When the vocals start, riffing gets slower, but maintains the atmosphere
. Vocals are sometimes quite low, sometimes bit higher and more sorrowful, but always growling. The whole 9 minutes goes quite fast and lets you long for more.

Solitude then is a Candlemass cover, clean vocals done by Sir Albert Witchfinder from Reverend Bizarre. Some growls are here and there on the background also, but not much of them to be heard. The
song follows the original quite perfectly, without any radical changes made.

The new album arrives in September (October in Finland), so the waiting period is quite long, but when the fall reaches after the summer, the new album will sure be worth pure gold!

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Label: Firebox | Item Code: FIRE 026 | Country: Finland | Year: 2005 | Genre: Doom Metal

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