Svartpest - Ven Den Drabelige Inngang Til Helvet CD Review

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2006-05-05 : Shane
I love this album but I NEED THE FIRST ONE!! ARGH!
2003-05-14 : Hygrid
2003-03-20 : Chopper
Well, i got this album with no knowledge at all about the band. It starts with an intro which gives you the impression of some kinda folk tune. The intro ends and hell begins. The sound is cold as ice, the vocals make my ears bleed, primitive and extreme guitar sound. The drums is even more primitive, they have really captured the old school sound. It's nice to see that there are still bands in the black-metal genre who do things primitive, like the way it's supposed to be. No doubt at all, THIS IS BLACK-METAL!
2003-03-05 : Kjellmar : Link
(un)holy shit !!! This Pagan attack on christian morals is just pure fucking fantastic. Svartpest captures the grimness and the ugly atmosphere that needs to be present in order to create true Black Metal. The sound is soooo primitive, but that's the way it has to be for this kind of music to get the needed message across. Reminds me of old Darkthrone, and that is the best fucking Black Metal band ever, but Svartpest might be the next to breathe new life into the real primitive black metal scene. Ugly, disgusting, primitive, sickening darkness from the deepest woods of Norway. Don't expect no over produced slick production, cause this is as raw and simple as it comes. True wisdom is never based on complexity anyway, and this is not complex at all. Buy this album now, or you will miss out on one of the futures great underground black metal classics. Hail Norway and Hail Svartpest.