Stroszek - Songs of Remorse

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Stroszek-Songs of Remorse Continuing on with our fascination with dark and emotional acoustic music we have unearthed another gem. This time in the form of Stroszek's (Italy) "Songs of Remorse" debut album. The band's namesake (Stroszek) comes from the WERNER HERZOG film of the same name and is the perfect moniker for a band with such a gloomy atmosphere. While the band contains members of one of Italy's most respected black metal acts FROSTMOON ECLIPSE, this should be looked upon as a seperate entity and not just a 'side project'. With carefully strummed minor key acoustic guitars, deliberate yet restrained piano lines, bursts of heaviness added for texture and deep, lush clean sung vocals that relay a sense of dread lurking beneath the surface, "songs of remorse" is perhaps at once one of the most melancholic yet accessible albums of 2007...

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Label: God Is Myth | Item Code: Various | Country: Italy | Year: 2007 | Genre: Acoustic

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