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Stonehenge-Victims Gallery
(c)MetalAgen Records-Review by Neil St.Laurent

The track, "4000 Years Ago" which starts this recording resides in an eerie expanse of solitutde and mystery. A keyboard assembly that sets a general theme for the album, but doesn't necessarily presage what is to follow...

Looking at the various Cyrillic lettering we can determine that this Russian band is on the label MetalAgen Records; one can't help but admire the very beautiful insert production.

Brooding death metal is a term that can describe the slow and rhythmic approach of Stonehenge. Yet entwined with the dark and foreboding melodies, we find charged and catchy components in such songs as "In Hell". Without doubt the drive of the music comes exclusively from the guitars provided by Alex and Sergey. While there isn't always a strong dual guitar approach - usually a more classical lead/rhythm split in solo segments, it is evident the work of both guitarists is given a chance to appear in the various riffs and interludes. Alex and Segey are also, beyond the guitars, the contributing members for the keyboard inclusions.

The other instruments as backing are perhaps the great strength of this recording; although withdrawn, they are still strong enough, and at times given their own chance to shine through. Particularily in the less abrasive moments, as in "Blind Pain", the bass provides the mystical and dark aspect to the music. Of note are the never out of place drums, keeping a reserved place in the mix and never seeing the need for unrelenting blasting or assault.

"Victims Gallery" is a recording that one would expect to come from one of the larger labels, and without question is deserving of significant recognition. Rotting Christ fans should definitely adore this album, and the rest of you should have no trouble at all finding this to be a great album.

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Label: Wroth Emitter | Item Code: WE 008 | Country: Russia | Year: 2005 | Genre: Black Metal

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