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Stahlmantel-Satan Snuff Machine This is something disturbing which basically could be described as a mixture of DARKMETAL & SNUFF INDUSTRIAL sickness in combination with violent BLACKMETAL vocals. STAHLMANTELs definition is called - Dark - Industrial - Elite - Suicide = D.I.E.S.

TAHLMANTEL started to get shape, back in Autumn 1999 as a one-man outfit, created by the Germany´s sickest JUERGEN BARTSCH, who had came from the German Darkmetal band BETHLEHEM with whom he did different Albums like e.g. "Dark Metal", "Dictius Te Necare", "S.U.i.Z.i.D.", "Reflexionen aufs Sterben", "Schatten aus der Alexander Welt" & "Mein Weg".

Weirdos and music terrorists "Stahlmantel" emerged through BARTSCH´s private hell of 1999 with their 1st demo "Krieg Total Totaler Krieg". But utilising the pretexts of suicide & sickness he pushed back the boundaries of industrial further than any industrial act before him. With brutal, industrial beats married to nursery rhyme simplicity, in the Stahlmantel´s hands, dayglo sticks would become weapons of torture rather than symbols of hands-in-the-air mass love-ins and a raver's whistle was just as likely to be stuck where the sun don't shine.

BARTSCH always wanted to destroy musical traditions and fears of so-called sub-societies who always followed the weak chains of their self-chosen attitutde. In the very beginning STAHLMANTEL was not more than a possibility never given with BETHLEHEM, kinda melting pot of self mutilation, suicidal thoughts, hate, despair, BDSM, sickness, rotten industrial environments, borderline, sick phantasies and everything else from beyond a comfortable & normal life. STAHLMANTEL exclusively reflected on BARTSCH´s antisocial insanity and never was ment as another musical waste for wasted people preaching waste as just another fashion.

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Label: Metalrulez Productions | Item Code: Various | Country: Germany | Year: 2007 | Genre: Industrial

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