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Source of Tide-Blueprints The Realms of Ruins Source of Tide are back on the saddle! Two years have passed since the debut Source of Tide release "Ruins of Beauty" and as you would expect, many things have happened. All members have been busy in and out of the band. Lord PZ has left an indelible mark while co-writing and recording material for quite possibly the most interesting and amazing creature out there in metal-land: Peccatum. Pendragon has developed his web design firm (DragonWeb) while nurturing a new project called Paralyziz in collaboration with Cosmocrator. Cosmocrator himself has spent some months on the road with the masters of extreme metal aggression Zyklon as a session live bass player sharing the stage with some high priests of metal known as Samoth and Trym. If not enough he is also actively involved with MindGinder (formerly known as Mental Garrotter). To complete the picture Taranis is working on a project with Targenor, which is yet to be revealed to the public.

None of this has diminished the focus and efforts of the band as a whole. On the contrary such experiences all seem to have played a part in the further development of Source Of Tide. . "Blueprints" is, as it should be, a big step forward for the band. Both in terms of style and technical sophistication the band has evolved immensely.

Material for "Blueprints" was mostly written by Cosmocrator this time. It's no surprise then that the album has an heavier and brutal edge achieving a staggering balance between death metal riffs, catchy melodies and sampled and programmed beats. At the same time vocal arrangements have become much more complex, calling upon a more active involvement from Cosmocrator as second vocalist.

The album was recorded at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio, the temple of the sleepless metal community of the sleeping cold town of Notodden. Actually "Blueprints" is most likely the best production delivered from the Akkehaugen Lydstudio this far. Engage……

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Label: Candlelight | Item Code: CANDLE 063 | Country: Norway | Year: 2002 | Genre: Death Metal

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