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Somnivore-Clergy of Oneiros Both Anima Arctica and Somnivore are rather new to the ambient scene. With this being Anima Arctica's first release on their brand-spanking new label, they attempt to show the world a beautiful but dark picture of Finland's watery landscapes, and at the same time show their presence is here to stay for a bit, releasing quality ambient/soundscape releases with an industrial overtone. Somnivore has been around since 2004 or so, but this is their first actual full-length release. While 2005 saw two CD-R releases on Kaarna Productions and New Old Sentinel, they are just now leaving their erosive mark on the ambient world.

The music found within is filled with rather ominous soundscapes, painting the world in a unique shade of cold blue, just like Finland's waterlogged landscapes (with the amount of lakes their ranging into the hundred-thousand mark). The entire album is surreal and murky. It's almost like a trip through Finnish memories, remember distorted conversations that are so lost in sound that you can barely hear them, with only the ambience and soundscape left around you to paint your canvas. The album is quite amazing in the production quality that I hear. Most albums of this nature are usually muddy and the ambience is never very well mixed. Here though, sound effects have a definitive punch to them. Especially the few drum sounds have an extra bassy layer in their sound which helps them to really deliver their part with a purpose. This was a fairly impressive debut from both band and label, and I wish them both luck in future releases. If you're into surreal ambient soundscapes, this release is definitely for you. -

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Label: Anima Arctica | Item Code: AUER 001 | Country: Finland | Year: 2007 | Genre: Dark Ambient

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