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Slave's Mask-Faustian Electronics & Bruise Poetry From Scandinavia we not only have black metal, dark ambient and bubblegum synthpop, but so much more. From the darkest realms of the black metal scene we currently not only are treated on pagan and satanic influenced works or national-socialistic crap anymore, but also more and more with more experimental dark sounds. We have the black industrial and noise-power electronics realms in which bands like MZ412, Nordvargr and In Slaughter Natives dwell pleasantly, and you can add Slave's Mask to that. They combine their satanic black noise with bombastic electro-industrial. Add a blackmetal touch to that with the vocals and an old school industrial influence regarding the samples and sounds and you have a pretty explosive and militant sounding elixir. Musically best comparable to a crossover of MZ412 with Tamtrum. Very developed it doesn't sound yet, but there are some good and promising ideas. Give it some time and they could come up with a very accomplished aggressive new industrial-black metal mixture. On this album it unfortunately doesn't really show completely. The best tracks are 'Rubbercunt', 'Neon Destroyer' and especially 'Black Powder Orgasm, Dum-Dum Bullet Climax'. The noise parts are in between the vocal tracks, and are oppressing and bleak, yet do not completely deliver. I ask myself what this album would sound like with a better and especially more dense sound and production. However, it now is already worth the effort of checking it for sure.

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Label: Self-released | Item Code: SLAVES MASK | Country: Finland | Year: 2006 | Genre: Industrial

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