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Slava Underground Metal Fanzine-Issue 1 SLAVA FANZINE & COMPILATION #1 : "Believing a virgin sacrifice would earn us a ticket to hell"
The blasphemous debut has been unleashed! Featuring killer interviews with :
Tragedy Begins, Atavism (Greece), Korihor, Kratornas (Philippines), Vintage Solemnity (Turkey), Vrykolakas, Eternal Throne, Prologue Ad Nocturne 'zine(Singapore), Bloody Gore (Indonesia), Myring, Mortal 'zine, Northern Sound
Records (Finland), Nomenmortis (Slovakia), Nyarlathotep, Infernal Necromancy(Japan), Soils Of Fate (Sweden), Grindstone (Germany), Forgotten Silence, Kuma Rafinatta (Czech Republic), Canadian Assault 'zine (USA), Deathguy and
Surrender Of Divinity (Thailand).
Furthermore you'll find an article of 'The unknown
prehistory of the Hellenes', a Panamanian scene report, a special 7-pages Thai scene report, lots of music & 'zine reviews, some bios and flyers, etc. 'Tis the unholy masterpiece done in the old cut & paste way with underground layout and small text on its 88 A5 English written pages including an awesome thick classically pro-printed cover!

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Label: Slava Underground | Item Code: SLAVA 1 | Country: Thailand | Year: 2003 | Genre: Metal

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