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Skullview-Kings of the Universe read about these guys in _Promethean Crusade_ and was intrigued to find out they're from the Chicago area. My curiosity was even further aroused when the CD arrived and the message "This is heavy! Angra, Iced Earth and Nevermore fags might just get hurt!" was hand-written on the shrink wrap. I've heard some complaints about Angra--I myself have even called them froofy at times--but digs on Iced Earth and Nevermore??? Interesting. The cover art depicts a warrior riding on a flying dragon--similar to SYMPHONY OF ENCHANTED LANDS by Rhapsody, another symphonic (and sometimes froofy) metal band. But make no mistake, KINGS OF THE UNIVERSE is a collection of stomping, dirty metal songs. Dig these titles: "Hand Of Zeus," "War Within The Sky," "Blast Furnace," "Power Of The Gleam Of The Skull (Part 2)." No keys, symphonies, or orchestral elements here whatsoever, this is just pure traditional metal from the Iron Maiden/Jag Panzer/Running Wild mold. A good riff is a good riff and Skullview has plenty of 'em. Singer "Earthquake" Quimby Lewis--he of the tremendous screams and powerful vibrato--is, unfortunately, often too low in the mix, and frequently his voice is obscured by doubled vocal tracks; I can't call them "harmonies" because they're just too ragged. In the time-honored tradition of many a metal band, I had to follow along with the lyric sheet to see just what was on Earthquake's mind. :) These guys will get your head banging in a matter of seconds, no question there, but hopefully in the future they'll have a bigger production budget and the songwriting will tighten up a bit. In the meantime, drink beer and crank Skullview. (But I still don't get the Iced Earth and Nevermore bashing...) - Tim

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Label: Massacre | Item Code: MASS 221 | Country: United States | Year: 1999 | Genre: Power Metal

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