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2002-08-04 : Lord Loch Lomond : Link
Skepticism is one of the very few musically extreme and innovative bands in today's metal scene. Skepticism has taken Doom Metal to it's most extreme. Their music are extreme slow and tormenting. It is extremely difficult to listen to their music because of the slow speed on their music. There is not much happening in their music either. Skepticism's brand of Doom Metal are based around church organs, slow doomsday drums, some guitars and beyond-the-grave Death Metal vocals. This album contains six tracks; forty- eight minutes of music. This album is not exactly Top Of The Pops stuff and it takes time before you get into this album. That is; if you have not committed suicide in the meantime. This is a good album, although I am almost relieved when the last song on this album is over. I only have one life.
2002-08-04 : AO : Link
Skepticism are true to their funeral doom. It's the most torturing and depressive group in a not-so-happy doom world. Already their previous works could make you ask a question: is it the deadend of getting more monolithic and nihilistic? Now we can say no, because "Lead and Aether" is even more minimalistic than "Stormcrowfleet." It is more depressive than depression and more nihilistic than nihilism itself. This album almost lost its concept as if built up by separate songs: "Lead and Aether" offers one monument of minimal sounds and torturing sense of monotonous soundscapes. The music has got a bit more aggressive character and darker approach. Don't compare it to dark ambient, Skepticism aren't an ambient group! It is metal music, but this metal is at its edge of minimalism. The darkest turn of doom metal.
2002-08-04 : Black Crescent : Link

The Organium (6:39)
The March and the Stream (10:32)
The Falls (8:41)
Forge (5:47)
-Edges- (6:08)
Aether (9:47)

Album total length (47:49)

"Lead and Aether" is the second full length album of Finland's Skepticism. This band play a non-conventional music style, a kind of ambiant doom dark. It's very depressive, obcure, cosmic and scary.

I'm not a expert of this music style but I must say that I really apreciate this new discovery (for me of course). According to the members of Skepticism their influence comes from everything nonmusical. The main istrument used on this album are the keyboards. Most of the time they sound like a funeral organ. The guitars are present, but they only figure as a second role. We can also notice a very experimental and non-conventional (does I repeating myself!?!) use of the drums and percussions. The vocals are a kind of low and dying growl. And finaly the whole thing is a very slow and ambiant (but not electronic at all) kind of funeral music on more modern instruments. It's the perfect soundtrack to listen when you play to computer games, especialy "Diablo" and other demonic stuff.

The lyrics are very depressive and darkly emmotive. They mostly deal with some kind of "metaphisical" topics.

A Dance To Abyss Would Soon Follow
Once Another Would Soon Swallow
Darkness As the Light Most Silent
Silence As the Darkest of Voices
From Silence and Anything
To Silence and Nothing
Is the Path of Final Solitude

Excerpt of "Aether", lyrics by Skepticism

Overall, I find the whole thing excellent. I hardly recommend "Lead and Aether" to those who like slow and doom ambiant music.
2002-08-04 : lbocquet : Link
Here thus the first album of Skepticism after a first test marketed in the shape of mini CD the evolution between these 2 albums is not very marked. Skepticism found its style and it begins again there or ' Ethere' had stopped. Nevertheless, it should be specified that the group succeeded in enriching its music by new sonorities which thus make it linear. The atmospheres create by the group always testify to as much blackness and sadness. With this so characteristic style, Skepticism is essential like one of the most lugubrious groups, blackest which never existed. This album is oppressing from beginning to end. ' Lead & Aether' are almost a disc of environments, morbid and cold environments. Moreover, one time accustomed to this so strange sound, one is subjugated so much by the climate released by this music which it is impossible to be demolished some. Admittedly, the amateurs of metal in the traditional sense of the term is likely not to appreciate. 2 titles of the mCd are taken again on the album. it is of ' the march & the stream' in a version a little shorter and about ' Aether'. The 4 other titles of this album are them all original.
Tuesday, October 02, 2001 - 10:15:43 AM : kiran
This is the second full length album of Skepticism. Since their debut album 'Stormcrowfleet', the band has matured a lot. The sound on this album may be a little less dark than on their debut, but the songs are better written and the atmosphere as a whole is much more comprising. The album contains very slow music, a very deep almost whispering growl and poundering drums. The album also features an organ as one of the main instruments in every song. As soon as the album starts off with the song 'THE ORGANIUM', the listener is engulfed by a majestic, though very doomy atmosphere. The organ used on 'Lead & Aether' adds a lot to the overall feel of the album. It's hard to imagine how "heavy" an organ can be used as an instrument when you have not heard this album. The second song is the classic 'The March and the Stream', for many people the best song Skepticism has ever written. Every single following song on the album creates the same, heavy doomy funeral feeling in a way that can be said that the album as whole is one undividable entity. Only after the last song, 'Aether', stops and silence fills the room, the listener's emotions are released. An empty feeling follows...

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