Sink - The Process (used)

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Sink-The Process (used) "There is obscure and then there is Obscure. The difference is subtle, but when you hear Sink, you know the limit between obscure and Obscure has been surpassed. The Process is a beast that drags you below the surface and lets you gasp for air just enough to keep conscious and experience the horror. Monumental wall of sound built from demented vibrations, violent distortion, wailing feedback, reverberating clashes and almost choral (in)human voices echoing in your mind like amplified painful memories; and when the wall collapses, the undertow pulls you deeper into paranoid and disturbing surroundings filled with static drones, scorching electrical trills and gravely impressive Obscurity that defies mental health. You may never reach back to the surface. This is not a sludge record. This is not a drone record. This is not an experimental record. This is The Process."

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Label: Kult of Nihilow | Item Code: Various | Country: Finand | Year: 2008 | Genre: Doom Metal

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