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Sin of God-Limbus The Sin of God was founded by Laszlo Pall and Balazs Botyanszki and after several changesin the members of the band they managed to start up in 2009 with a stable. Practically this is the year when the Sin of God started. The introductory material was recorded in thewinter of 2010 with which they boomed in the popularity of the hungarian underground music. With the title Satan Embryo, the record p
ut the band on the map of well knownand recognized musicians. In the fall of 2010 they participated in a multiple gig concert tour with the brazilian band called Infested Blood. In the year 2011 the Sin of God is one ofthe dominant bands in the hungarian underground music life. They interwiewed with the Gore Zone Undeground and Extreme Metal Magazine. The most popular hungarian radiostation called Neo FM played their songs Thosand Wounds and One Death. The biggest hungarian music magazine the Rockinform gave interwiew about the band, and thely called them Ąthe most promising hungarian metal band". They became finalists in a famous talentcompetition (Talentométer), and from 400 bands they were on the top ten. Since Szabolcs Molnár, a well-known guitarist in Hungary joined in the band and they also changed the person of the singer to be able to express the message of their music in a deeper and rougher voice. They concerted with popular metal bands like Benighted, Netherbird, Smashed Face, Krow, Sanatorium, Scorned, Infested Blood, Ashen Epitaph, Psychogod and the Casketgarden. The Sin of God deserves the epithet Ądeath hurricane" because of their madly sick and extreme delivery. 2011's clublife is unthinkable without the Sin of God and this is only the beggining! They recorded their first album: Limbus, and they signed a Canadian label: PRC Music. Lately they found another vocalist: Balázs Lévai (Nebron), so now their music more powerful because they spread the death together with Laca! They don't plan to stop!

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Label: PRC Music | Item Code: Various | Country: Hungary | Year: 2012 | Genre: Death Metal

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