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Shining-VI - Klagopsalmer "Klagopsalmer" is Swedish for "Hymns of Lament".
Tracks translated to English is as follows:
1. Misled Child-souls' Residence
2. Tormenting Spirit, Oh Holy Tormenting Spirit
3. Completely Fucking Dead Inside
4. Ohm (Summer with Siv)
5. Crushed Dreams and Broken Promises
6. Total Desolation

"Ohm (sommar med Siv)" is a cover of "Ohm" from Norwegian metal band Seigmen's 1994 album "Total". "Ohm (sommar med Siv)" is sung in Norwegian. It is the only song not sung in Swedish on "VI - Klagopsalmer".

*The sound clips in the song "Total utfrysning" is taken from a Swedish documentary trilogy by Stefan Jarl called The Mods-Trilogy, a project that spans over a 25 year period.

The first part, "Dom kallar oss mods" (They Call Us Mods), is portraying some teenagers in Stockholm in 1968, that are part of the new movement mods. They are distancing themselves from society, smoking weed and living "the good life".

The second part, from which the sound clips are taken, is called "Ett anständigt liv" (A Respectable Life) from 1979. One of the main characters from the previous film, Kenta, is now an alcoholic, and the other, Stoffe, is using heroin. During the time the film is being recorded, Stoffe dies from a heroin overdose.

The third part was made in 1993, and is called "Det sociala arvet" (The Social Heritage). Here the film makers tries to find out what has become of Kenta's and Stoffe's children.

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Label: Osmose Productions | Item Code: Various | Country: Sweden | Year: 2009 | Genre: Black Metal

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