Shining - III: Angst (used)

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Shining-III: Angst (used) Suicide, self-destruction and the abuse of the human flesh and mind, these three topics are the main reasons why you now hold this particular recording in your hands. The band has since its very beginning (1996) been cursed and the individuals within suffered from enormous problems because of the fact that the band still lives on. Actually this might be the explanation for 9 persons being kicked out of the band one by one in the year of 1999, still the band stands in obscurity. It wasn¹t until the year of 2000 Kvarforth finally managed to sum up the minds of two others in order to record the debut full-length album, "SHINING I · Within Deep Dark Chambers", and this very line-up lasted until two months after the recording of the second album, "SHINING II · Livets Ändhållplats", when Tusk decided to leave for several personal reasons though replaced by his younger brother Phil A. Cirone one month later. Wedebrand was violently kicked from the band because of his stupidity, though did Kvarforth never suffer from his absence, on the contrary as he a few months later on was replaced by the drummer of drummers, namely Hellhammer from the legendary Mayhem. And for the first time ever Shining stands as a solid entity with a full line-up.

The main purpose for Shining is to fanatically deprave the listeners with their musical and lyrical propaganda, to embrace the sub-culturistic youth with suicidal happiness!

Shining, the third, will stand as a monument to all the misery around us, a gun pointed at your forehead, a needle injecting the purest of heroine into your arm! Let the Self-destruction Blossom!

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Label: Avantgarde Music | Item Code: Various | Country: Sweden | Year: 2002 | Genre: Black Metal

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