Shemhamphorash - Dementia

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At 37 minutes and six tracks proper, this isn't perhaps the most extensive listen you'll ever encounter but there's no denying the ferocious power of tracks like 'Crossing my Hell' all blastbeats and heads-down riffage. There is a warmer, thicker sound to this record then most raw BM, perhaps a legacy of their Mediterranean heritage. In addition, within the melodies one can clearly spot influences from classic rock/metal, which coupled with frontman Wilhkeim's hissing shriek, brings to mind a meatier, more violent version of UK stalwarts Thus Defiled (minus the indulgent solos). Shemhamphorash tend to move around more within the confines of their chosen genre too, even embracing some Morbid Angel style grinding at the beginning of 'Matrunka' which, far from sounding out of place, adds an interesting counterpoint to the quite frantic nature of the majority of the album. -

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Label: Blackened Moon | Item Code: BMP 009 | Country: Spain | Year: 2004 | Genre: Black Metal

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